The Postmodern, Poststructural Misconception

Call yourselves what you will, but all postmodern critics and poststructural philosophers out there are giving life to a false paradigm when you refer to yourselves and this era as such.

Modernity and its skeletal backing in acute and rigid structure have not faded, rather they have so thoroughly destroyed and deserted our old fountains of meaning that we now have nothing but structures. Indeed, it is the fish not seeing the water. True, we are in a time of great ambiguity and meaninglessness—as posited by postmodernists—not because structure is lacking and society has shifted past modernity, but because structure has so fully trickled into every crevice (down to Planck distances) that there isn’t any room for the creative development of meaning. Structure gives us a surplus of definitions, but denudes us of any meaning.

Thus, what is thought of as the post-structural malaise is really only a full maturation structuralism. It wasn’t in the 1950s that we would find the modern family, but the balancing family that was trying to keep back neo-structural conventions with old world morals. Now, a Kondratiev cycle later we have arrived at the real modern family, at least in the over “developed world”. How lucky we are to live in this place and time.


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