May the Fifth Begin Summer: See the Light on Cinco de Mayo

The quarter of this year 2014 we will call summer—from June 21, 6:51 EST to September 22, 22:29 EST—will probably encompass the hottest quarter of the year for the Northern Hemisphere, including the heat zenith somewhere in the middle of the range (late July, early August). However, something much more fixed than the shifting weather determined heat patterns, are that the summer will be equal in terms of available light to the spring that preceded it. Spring and summer are made equal in this way, and it follows that fall and winter are, too. My proposition, phrased as a question, is this: shouldn’t the longest day of the year cap summer, not begin it and end spring… and the darkest day of the year be the middle of winter, not what begins it?

Further Reasons:

We northern “enlightened” industrialists have drifted too far from the balancing effects of the tropics/equator, and unfortunately have among other powers “calendar power”, and have let the seasons be labeled based on crop growing times peculiar to our temperate portion of the world. If we allowed our gimbals to be corrected by more tropical sentiments, we would see where temperatures were less paramount (look at a climate graph for Thailand, for example) and the importance of sunlight more evident. We might realize that beginning summer on May 5th (or 6th depending on time zones and the year) and the middle of summer peaking during the summer solstice to be a much more appropriate fixture. The middle of fall would be when light eclipses from being more than half of the day to less than half. It’s just a matter of shifting from sine to cosine (or realizing that what we call sine has been cosine all along, and that we need to introduce a corrective). Light has been marginalized, allowed to be a border entity, rather than an essential defining part of the cornerstones of the year: the seasons.


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