Serenity Prayer Inverted on the Political Player

First off, my boiled down version of the prayer:  “I don’t have power to change most things, but there are some things that I have power to affect, and if I’m wise I can tell the difference.”

Inverting, to put politicians in their place:

“You only have a limited amount of power, anything beyond this is really only the conglomeration of the power of the masses that at times coalesces with your purposes; be wise enough to know that our power can turn on you and reveal your true limitedness.”

*Their actual power is as a physical presence in a human body, and at any given moment a politician has roughly the same amount of power as an average person, variations being due to body weight and bodily access to kinetic energy (a dying person wields less power than a 7 year old child, who has less than a person in their 20s, with variations between these due to complexity and depth of chemistry). Anyways, this ontological discussion of energy digresses from the intents of this post. The cartoon below serves as a nice correction:




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