Spring Poison

There must be some “Irony Awards” out there that these guys are trying to win, but to me seeing the Tru Green pick-up truck driving by with a 150 gallons of pesticide sloshing around in some plastic tank, they win my nomination. Maybe leaving off the “e” in “true” serves some sort of penance in their over-pesticide-exposed brains that they aren’t actually being dishonest, or if only in the spelling. To me it seemed worth being a distracted driver and snapping the photo (below) while maneuvering my vehicle. I will certainly be a distracted dog walker again this season, needing to pull my dog off of every other lawn for fear that he will get nose and paw cancer down the road (pun intended?).


When one of these trucks with a registered pesticide # on the side gets into an accident, does it get reported as a serious spill? I suppose its okay if they do little spills all throughout the neighborhood, making a profit?

This company in particular has been coming out in force–early and often–with a door to door campaign that brought them to my doorstep, waking up my infant son due to my dogs loud barking as he sensed the evil. He wanted to beat back my dandelions and plantain no doubt, but upon seeing his “tru green” flair through the storm door (it was still late winter at this point-early March), I shoo’d him away without even being decent enough to open the door and let my loyal beast jump and lick him.

These pathetic extensions of the over-reaching fossil fuel industry have made spring a perilous thing. Whats more upsetting are the programmed zombies who pay monthly maintenance fees to have these trucks swing by and douse their lawn in seriously awful chemicals… chemicals so bad that legally a little sign needs to be put up to warn those in proximity.



This one I like much better, though I never see it (I think I will printout one for my lawn)

No pestiicdes lawn sign.preview




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