A Farmer In Search Of Land

Like a craftsmen without a hand…

Though the title may be taken as a metaphor, I am thinking about it quite literally. I think there are very many among us who do wish to get this nation to the place that Thomas Jefferson believed it should be: an agricultural heavy weight… not over weight and full of poor agricultural products. There is land, and with techniques that permaculture teaches us there are many uses better fit than the non-sense that predominates these days. There is a place for us gentle souls, or the gentler part in all of us, to let flourish without having to step on one another to “advance”.

As of now,
1) the most fortunate land lies empty (of humans), forgotten (by humans)
2) the unfortunate land is misused for misguided industrial and urban/suburban endeavors, dumped on (by humans)
3) the very unfortunate land due to so called agricultural practices goes the way of a brain infected by creutzfeldt-jakob disease (see picture below, comparing healthy-ish brain tissue at left, and cjd tissue at right), losing the ability to support life without extreme injections and “life support”

Natural vs Farm

Anyways, I would be so bold as to say “throw me into the wilderness, whbere I will be happy and learn how to farm.” However, I am able to say something like this because I am tied to a family that I know will moderate my extremism, and did I not feel this sense of bond to them, I venture to say I would not be so adventurous. So I do not fault those of you who are less tied to a family and do not throw in your wager into an unknown future with the land. I just make a plea that there be more pioneers, and more visible pioneering, towards what is a healthy re-do of the land that is the occupied territory of the USA.

Here in the OT-USA, land in large tracts IS as affordable as it will ever be, that is if you want large tracts of land out in the country that have not been screwed up by rabid industrialization. A 100 acres in a non-North East state or 1/100th of an acre in square footage in a NYC apartment could be yours for the same purchasing price. Which jungle would you rather fight to survive in and pay back your debts from, the concrete or the actual?

From an investment and holding perspective, I think its easy to see that NYC property values are close to an all time high, and thus relatively speaking other land is at an all time low, so you might want to grab onto land before it becomes a hot feudal commodity.


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