Ukraine, but Ucan’thide: Warning to Governments that Kill Protestors

Just a few weeks ago, before the protester murders in Ukraine, I remember upon seeing a picture of Yanukovych thinking he was some unhealthy thug looking man—most unworthy of holding leadership power—that could easily be swapped out for any politician/mafia guy in the New York metro area (perhaps Essex County “executive” Joey DiVencenzo) and it would make no difference in either location, because these people act exactly the same and are political moralists/opportunists. If a game theorist set up a chart with all the decision points plotted and their paths to later decision points that would face these “leaders”, they would all play the game exactly the same, and it would always be in the interest of the people they are serving—themselves, not the masses.


Anyways, now that Yanukovych has left, the government people who have stepped up have been quick to deflect the people’s anger and turn it completely on Yanukovict?m, a single person surely not completely to blame for the murder of all those protesters, and themselves are hoping to smoothly gain the reigns of power. Who knows, maybe they actually issued the orders in order to spark outrage to be able to oust Yanukovych. These dirty political games are allowed to be played out by these political figurines because of the very structures of our weak western and eastern representative governmental forms. Finger pointing, deflection, usurpation, wasting away of resources… some stupid mind-numbing play on the small stage that entrances the stadium’s audience from looking at one another and realizing how much more interesting and important the person right next to you is.

The good to come out of this world event? Every leader presiding over a country at the time of mass protests will be very careful in dealing with protesters for fear of becoming another Yanukovich that the very government will go after, in a scapegoat fashion or not. It’s still enough to make some world leaders pee themselves on stage and cowardly step back, which is almost always a good thing for the people of that country.


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