What is Hawaii in Chinese? Your Backyard to be Chinese Lebensraum

Of course it appears that the Communist Party in China has little love for the commoners that seem to be disposable pawns. However, I think that at some point in the future, it will become clear that the Chinese love for themselves and their culture comes first, with no second in sight.

If you look at the geography of the pacific, with the two main powers being the USA in the east, and China to the west, you will see that the defensibility of China is much more plausible than the defense of California. This is for the simple fact that the Chinese eastern flank is rife with barrier islands and archipelagos, and all the USA has is Hawaii, a mid point to Asia. If I lived there, I would secure land elsewhere in the USA and vacate. Not without a long glance backwards for Hawaii is a beautiful place, but it is to be a Chinese paradise. I would leave the west coast all together, for other reasons as well, or be prepared to be a second class citizen.

The Chinese state is not stupid, and for better or worse it acts largely as one corporation, rather as Sparta (minus its Peloponnesian league allies, who wield their own interests), and it is the USA, those who like to play at being an Athens, who are sharply divided and selfish and have fallen to demagoguery. China as a whole is beating us at the capitalist game, and is not so stupid as to keep producing mindless consumer gadgets that are to be shipped off to America with dimming prospects of ever being repaid. As we speak, their factories are gradually being refitted for things useful to their own people, while they continue to feign that they are our servants, long enough to get stronger and stronger. All along they will be pushing their legitimacy as a share holder in our land, and will push for more open immigration policy towards their citizens moving in, in return for which we would be given reductions in our debt. Their people need space to live. Further, the USA will accept this immigration push to play the part of a nuclear war deterrence—China would bomb its own diaspora, nor would the USA bomb China with so many with Chinese with cultural loyalties to the red state, now here in the USA.

China’s imperial ambitions are against the backdrop of a waning American republic that is falling in to civil disarray, and will look juicier and juicier for the taking. They have been playing the game of risk “legally” so far and will continue to push this route to get what physical assets they can with Americans unwarily giving it to them to pay off their debts. They will be making migration deals to send in lieutenants and a plethora of their people, buying up arable land and digging in. The western United States will become Chinese liebensraum, with much of the south and east becoming reunited with the rest of the Americas, not through NAFTA, but through language and people flows.


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