Differences Between Complex and Complicated

The modern world we find ourselves in is not at all complex, relatively speaking to the possibilities for complexity. The disunity of all the variable forces makes all of them narrow (by the very fact that their reified separateness steals away their own space and that of the constructed others), in actual physical terms, gaunt by their malnourishment, meaning any slightly more complex existence can comprehend and predict them. The modern world is not complex, but this is not to say it is not complicated.

These narrow forces, whether they be the whole life of a cab driver, or following a cab ride where the driver and passengers are briefly of the same force and direction/mindset as they search for 42nd and 6th avenue, is something that even a complex mind can spend a tedious huge alotment of focus, focusing on some narrow but very real distraction. It is the scientists who spend a lifetime of work studying the sense amazing sense abilities of catepillars, never being able to emulate and fully grasp what the catepillar was born to do immediately. We are draining ourselves, filling our lives with poorly written little side stories, lots of one dimensional strands, yet imaginative embellishment makes them entertaining and easy enough that we are baited and lulled, until we’ve lost some of our own multi-dimensionalness in the process.

Yes, the modern world is very complicated, for there are mosquitos of many shapes and sizes, always out for themselves and never for you, trying to get some extra suck time in. Others, who fall in to the game because they feel it inevitable, have to spend a great deal of time and energy into not being landed upon and made a victim of a blood sucking scam. The credit card offer in the mail, the doctor pushing a pill, the retirement home trying to manipulate your parents into choosing to give away them of your inheritance to this undeserving institution that quickens your parents’ end… the list goes on and on. Even the mental energy that I need to use to flesh out this post to make sure you the reader get this point, is fucking exhausting, and a complete rip off of time that could be spent nurturing my mind, nurturing my immediate environment, to make something truly complex.

The truly complex, then, on the other hand, is the unified synchronization of forces, to where they are a single force, of many dimensions, vibrating together, flowing in an artful ever expanding way, that truly is growing a more beautiful reality for ourselves as we spend our time in consciousness on this planet. This is what is being weeded out by the tilling of the land for the tumorous overgrowth of sycophantic capitalism. Of pathetic sheepish salesmen, of all these useless occupations. Weeded out the good is… just like the golden and emeraldic were weeded out in El Dorado. But ironically, here we are weeding these things in, but of course, its all pyrite, because gold makes fools of us all, as we miss out on the complex, deep experience, for a fleeting bunch of moments full of bullshit complications.

I’m sorry if this post was complicated… avenge yourself and turn off this computer and go do something complex!

(Addition 2014-03-30 – Indeed, to give evidence in a terminologically correct way is to think of medical complications as a problem to the complex structure of the body, hindering the complex systems of the body and making them slow down, not work properly, making them more simple and composite particulars)


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