Grounding Ourselves

(I am not referring to self-flagellation, though the rigorous work that lies ahead for we who will not be part of the capitalistic—or future feudalistic—world is sure to be laborious)

Some cities (I have New York in mind) do have cultural acceptance for “the other”, as many social radicals may seek refuge there for their marginalizing differences, and this may give relief to the ailment of being strange.

However, concentrating in the urban areas leaves them all (you all) in a precarious position of extreme vulnerability and gridlock. The viability of having the cooperative larger world built that we left-of-center radicals would like to see come to fruition is quite distant when we stay locked up, in a flat on the 9th floor, with hired doormen to allow entry or deny it, depending on the whims of circumstance. A place like New York ensnares people ever deeper into capitalism—they must earn more and pay more to live on rented land—and they are surrounded by the most advanced aspects of the system: intense commercialism, industrial pollution, alienation amidst high population, and other issues.

On the other end, and where I think a great deal of anxiety lies on the minds of we radicals, is that the rural areas are somehow transcendentally and ahistorically backwards and intolerant. I believe that the state of much of rural America can be explained by the peculiar history of the land, and is by no means natural and needs to continue.

That being said, it is my position that we must start leaving the places that have been spent and that have no future, like the concrete jungles of urban density, and go to places where our ideals have to be compromised much less, and can be sown more immediately. Suburbs can act as a transition zone, or even semi-urban areas (west of the Hudson River) where money goes a lot farther and can keep you from being a landless thing, that would be quickly become dust in the wind if great social changes were to take place. Grounding yourself gives you some leverage to shape the future world as the current one unravels. It is much more desirable than to be shaped by those, of the capitalist ilk, who have land now and later on can force their will and values on you and your friends.


One thought on “Grounding Ourselves

  1. Old but good post, however it misses the mark about rural America. I grew up in a Norwegian town in the upper Midwest driftless zone. Beautiful nature, beautiful girls, intelligent and cosmo people yet grounded in the region. Unfortunately the steady brain drain really since the 30s has slowly sapped the provinces. The lure of the city which you ably disspell. Yet perception to some extent becomes reality…though I have moved on my home fed me spiritually as I enjoyed the passing show of America.


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