Mother’s Day Thrives In The Cultural Vacuum

The US’s thin culture—anorexic culture—is such a wasteland that a contrived and meaningless holiday (though presumably at the time of its being made “official” was seen as a landmark in the women’s rights movement) can be continuously propped up by advertising agencies and it can stick. Its staying power is a sad commentary on our lack of cultural depth that is made thinner by the termites (corporations) that keep eating away at any would-be growth. It makes perfect sense that we are so xenophobic every time a new cultural group enters our territory. They have such a greater depth of kultur, that ours will not last; the white canvass is so vulnerable to being “stained” by a Tagore. The body piercing and tatooing phenomenona makes perfect sense, because there is no where else to find any identity. Its called the melting pot, but that’s really just a euphemism for liquified iron searching for but unable to find a form in paper basket.

The good thing is that here, a different world is possible! The bad thing is that a different world is immediately needed to prevent mass suicide.


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