Compulsory Miseducation

Like most things in a government organized society, education has become bloated, ineffectual, and is downright a waste of resources (and is it just coincidence that the federal government has become increasingly vested in it over recent decades?). It’s not that it was an issue when it was started, but because people mindlessly adopt precedents as some core tradition that should become part of our unwavering way of life, now we are quagmired in a messy situation where all children before the age of 16 have to go to school, even if there is nothing for them to gain. Mindless carrying out of tradition, combined with a residue of the America’s industrial past, when discipline and rote education were preparing the students for the manufacturing line…

I guess it would have been too dangerous to have the child labor laws go unchecked without some equally repressing activity to consume the time of naturally “anarchist” children. Instead of losing a finger or a leg, now children are losing all practical skills that make the finger or leg worth something. It is the survival skills and practical knowledge that has been neatly vacuumed up because its too messy, too third world… which is precisely why we’ll plummet to a fourth world nation.


7 thoughts on “Compulsory Miseducation

  1. Hi. My children are home schooled. It’s legal to home school your children. When you do, you dictate what your child learns. My children learn the “three R’s”, and sewing, cooking, animal husbandry, crop rotation, etc…. It’s not easy, but we love the results.


    • Kudos to you! We also homeschooled our kids, but back then (starting in the ’70’s) it was borderline illegal! Our young adults are now well motivated self-starters with a great variety of skills. They quickly move into management positions if employed by others. Keep it up — it can be gruelling at times — but those times “come to pass”, not to stay.


  2. Very well stated.

    It’s disturbing to see men my age (fifty-something), products of suburbia and the gov’t “education” system of 30-40 years ago — and it’s all gotten much worse since then! — now wanting to learn survival and subsistance skills because they understand peak oil, who are incapable of handling a simple wrench to tighten a bolt on the bicycle they’ve chosen as an alternative to cars.

    When they come out to my farm to “help out” and learn, it is like working with little children. Often they are more of a liability than an asset, since they can do virtually nothing without constant coaching and hand-holding, and even then are so unproductive that far more time is wasted than saved. They routinely destroy tools and equipment for lack of any “feel” for appropriate limitations in the physical world. Some are such a danger to themselves and those around them due to the absence of common sense that they have to be sent away for our own good. And these are middle-aged men who really want to try. The under thirty youngsters find that there is hard work involved and quickly split to get back to texting and video gaming; they “don’t have to put up with this shit…”.

    During my involvment with the local transition group and other “sustainability” organizations, I have observed that they are populated almost entirely by old farts like myself and by young enthusiasts typically under thirty. The thirty to fifty year-olds seem to be the well ripened produce of the suburbia/public school industry. Very few in that age range care about anything but making money and enjoying the American way of life. Good little lemmings waiting around for “recovery” to get things back to “normal”.

    What’s your experience with this?


    • Your comment makes vivid to me what I’ve only been able to imagine… it is pretty sad how quickly, within a generations time, a bunch of useless and pathetic humans we’ve been made into. So easily were we lulled in to electronic stupor. I have tried getting friends to join me to gather firewood and to gather grass/leaves for simple composting, but after their reluctance I came to believe I was asking too much. Just more proof of how much farther we have to go and how unprepared we are going to be when the shit hits the fan. Thanks for posting.


  3. Another comment: concerning your statement about “the survival skills and practical knowledge that has been neatly vacuumed up”.

    I have been an employer or manager of people for most of my adult life. When it came to finding good employees, when you came across someone who had grown up on a farm, you could almost always count on them to be a good hire. Such folks usually had significantly better work ethics and self discipline, and had common sense and natural dexterity skills that city kids lack.

    Most types of skillfulness are learned best as children. Think about great musicians or athletes.

    So now they want to destroy that as well. Can’t have those farm kids that can actually work…


    • This is where one of my chief worries sets-those who have no work ethic aren’t just going to lay down and die. Will they try to enslave or make peasants of we who do know how to work, or will there be some horrible battle between the lazy and the hardworking?


      • I wonder about this myself. The predominant entitlement mentality can get very demanding when they can’t “have it their way” (we’re a bunch of Burger Kings!).

        The militia types would recommend that we arm ourselves and set up good defenses — one website I read said to make sure your house has a stone or brick facade so bullets can’t penetrate them. Personally, I find such notions repugnant. I don’t think I have it in me to harm another human just to protect my stash of rice and beans. I’d much rather strive to feed as many cooperative families as possible on a sustainable basis.

        My hope, as a local food producer (fruits & veggies, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry) is to congeal a loyal community of like-minded persons who recognize our desparate need for interdependence. Sort of a village mentality, where intruders are obvious and all look out for each other. I grieve that modern America is the land of the self-serving opportunistic exploiter — the Conquistador (read Wendell Berry for some great thoughts along these lines).

        We, as a culture, have utterly lost the concept of protecting the “Common Wealth”.

        So, like yourself, I ponder what will become of the great hordes of increasingly disenfranchised suburbanites as economic contraction squeezes them ever tighter. Will they become like zombie hordes raiding each others’ homes, or even eating each others pets and children? It only takes 10 to 15 days of starvation to turn otherwise civilized people into cannibals. I’ve had members of the Mormon church tell me they worry what their basement full of groceries will attract if things get tough…

        You ask: “Will they try to enslave or make peasants of we who do know how to work”? This is an interesting question I had never considered. Most assume (like JHK, for instance) that the land owners (who know how to work) will become the barons of a new serfdom with the desparately needy more or less enslaved to them. But perhaps your thinking is more realistic: they will most likely attempt to wrest control of land and resources from their rightful owners rather than humble themselves and submit to peasantry themselves. Entitlement mentality again. I just can’t see many people from our society accepting a lowered status where hard work dominates daily life just for a subsistence existance, like the way I’ve chosen to live right now.

        And I’m talking only of the suburbanites. Thankfully I don’t live anywhere near a large metropolis where inner city thugs and “gangstas” are plentiful…


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