Burning Money’s Value

Money’s value is weighed and calculated against other money—simply stated—this conclusion being gotten to by just thinking about there being more money produced, and the value of the rest goes down. So, alternatively, the lesser of it going around, the more value it is attributed (deflation).


However, if the 98% wanted to really take away the wealth of the richest 2%, or even the 90% wanted to take away the value of the 10% (imagining the top 8% would be too comfortable to engage in this activity), they could all just burn their money collectively and work against the theory of deflation. Note: the feasibility of this would work a lot greater in a country where there is a much smaller overall population and this country’s currency is what the wealthiest put stock in, and don’t have foreign currency for purchasing foreign goods to negate the fact that their money would no longer be accepted within their own country (also, a country where there is a solid unity of the lower ~90% enough to all go and do it together, to strip the wealthy of their fictitious yet enduring wealth). It is a peaceful yet effective protest and way of waging a successful class war without needing to go bombard the villas of the rich. It also holds great symbolic value and builds consciousness of money as a social construct, not something of innate value as the masses have recently “bought” into… stupid mass culture being in larger part to blame.

In larger countries where there is much less class unity, this idea may still hold some utility, however it would need to be supplemented by many other revolutionary activities, for the grip money holds on people is very strong.



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