Tell A Marketer Talking Points

I haven’t been keeping with the cell phone number privacy laws, so I don’t know if telemarketers have general access or just select access based on users’ missteps, but I do know that occasionally I get a call about health insurance offers. From what I’ve heard, the telemarketer code makes them a captive audience, and it would be a great chance for those of us with more radical agendas from where this land should go to get our ideas across. Just because its been on my mind the last couple of days, one point of discussion could be the philosophy behind the sovereign citizens’ movement, another a reading of Chomsky’s infamous defense of anarchism (a personal favorite): Cooperation without Constraint.



*In a related vein (this is what actually reignited this old idea about using the telemarketers as sounding boards) I was myself yesterday a form of telemarketer, reminding people to go out and vote on school board elections and budgets. I made 27 calls in a 64 minute span, and something curious happened that I felt was worth echoing. Not a single call was like any of the others, and 19 of the 27 I received a voice mail to leave my scripted message. I had my paper in front of me to read the script from, but in the moment with that empty voice mail box I made the message into my own, reordering words, throwing in little bits of my idiosyncrasy’s, and generally giving every future listener a novel auditory experience. The message was still the same, but whether or not I tried to keep it verbatim, I had the intuitive sense that this was no possible for me. I take this as an honor of pride, and furthermore as my own coalescence with the philosophy of difference I espouse, whereby the best life is the one that is completely novel, not even repeating parts of itself but always open to evolving, not unlike the Fairy Shrimp.


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