The Feudal Refusal!

(this is a sequel to the post State-City)

“Thank you for your offer, dear knight, but we are not peasants and can take care of ourselves”

It might be the castles, horseback, riding and merry men that many people liken to medieval times. However, these will probably not be found in a future feudal system that will only have dragons that are tattooed on gang serfs in common with lore. To avoid this dystopian, anti-fantastical future, we must be leaders, and:

The best way to be a leader is to start early.

To ensure we aren’t lorded over in the future, and can be (or become) our own lords, we must already have some physical and mental infrastructure in place to withstand being sacked. Ask yourself these questions:

– Are you friendly enough with your neighbors that they can trust you to do joint ventures with? If not already so by the time things become dire, they are not going to let new people (you) into their vital interactions, when they will have a high dose of suspicion that you might just be an opportunist. You have to prove yourself while there is still the forum for it. Make local friends now, before the war brings in the defensive alienation, and life is “cold, brutish, and short.”

– Can you accurately walk anywhere within a quarter mile radius of your home with blindfolds on? With your new friends, you should start gaining a familiarity with the routes into and out of your neighborhood, how you might block or destroy these roads to thwart the efforts of usurpers, and how you might be able to best use them for a more agriculturally intensive future we will certainly find ourselves in. Are there any jackhammers or concrete picks that would be available in a time of need in the future? Are there trailer carts you could grow crops on top of, and cart around to market if you so choose?

– Can you grow your own food in your yard? You must make friends with expert gardeners, start downloading the hundreds of “how to” videos from youtube that will no longer be available once the Internet is not maintained (and under no circumstances depend upon a cloud to store data… we know how quickly clouds come and go).

– Do you live in a city? You won’t in the future, so its best to get out before your place has no value and the value of less inhabited places skyrockets.

– Have you been to the doctors lately? Make sure you have the most immunizations possible because when the healthcare network falls apart these offers will no longer be available. Purchase bullet proof vests aplenty… just look at the statistics for gun ownership in the United States! Once a bullet enters your body, you can’t depend on anyone being able to do a half-decent job of correctly removing it, or even attempting it. As a super important aside, guns will become the new gold.

(Note: As things occur in my mind, they will occur on this post as well)


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