Crawling Away From Debilitating Social Norms

The elderly are sometimes showered with undue praise and reverence, but often also stung with neglect. Where do both leave them? In a chair, where they will be safe from death, but also safely kept away from anymore living.

I would argue that it is in part social norms that keep them from “living”. Some elderly are stubborn and keep being mobile even against good judgement and succumb to a broken hip because of eventual accident. Others, too fearful of such an occurrence, confine themselves to a stationary existence.


Play with it in your head, may they play with in in their heads, and eventually, may they act on it. There are so many cultural cliches about the similarities between infants and the aged, why can’t their method of mobility be one too? Is it too disrespectful to allow them to be on the ground? Must we take away even their smallest privileges, keeping them in a glorified “strapless” baby carriage?

Or is it that they are they too embarrassed to use what might be the only method of free and unimpeded mobility? Would they rather slowly die than fight what is socially unacceptable yet animal-istically possible and extremely liberating? Crawling might seem quaint and of little difference than being stationary to we bipeds, but to babies and the elderly alike, I think it might be opening whole new worlds, as well as extending via exercise health benefits their time in this world. They need more processing time besides, and their new rights to crawl might keep them from dangerously crawling along in cars on highways, sometimes robbing those younger than them of life. It might take a while, but sometimes you have to crawl away from social norms.


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