Anxiety Of A Kleptomaniac

In today’s social world, the average person feels at least a mild amount of apprehension when stealing a candy bar from a Stop and Shop, when parking in a handicap spot, or when sneaking into work an hour late, unnoticed, slyly. Coupled with the anxiety is a bit of smug satisfaction, that the person actually does have some power.

Now, in sharp contrast to this is the kleptomaniac who, odd to one who is not, feels anxiety when not stealing. A sort of regret on a missed opportunity, a non-realization of verself. Not taking that risk, not executing what they are in all likelihood so apt at doing, is what gnaws away at them.

Both of these people—all people—feel torn in a certain sense, spread out and decimated across and between these options, varying in intensity at times.

Both are wrong, because they are both the offspring of a false structure that inhibits a full actualization of oneself in the world. The non-kleptomaniac shouldn’t have to feel the anxiety of possessing that which is already theirs to interact with. History has divorced this person from an intimate connection with most things, whereby ownership or lack there of is latent, non-interactive. Once the person does possess the thing, they don’t know how to interact with it. It is hoarded either by this person, or if they fail to steal it, it is continuously hoarded by “the rightful owner.” The kleptomaniac shouldn’t have to feel the anxiety of others hoarding what is not truly theirs. They see the “rightful owners” as hoarders rightly so, but their solution to this problem is within the same dimension, and that is to hoard it themselves.

The actual resolution for the anxiety of all these archetypes is a non-ownership principle that subsequently entreats a natural fighting against it. The kleptomaniac will dissolve, knowing that things will always be there freely to possess, to borrow, to add to. For this to be realized, organisms down to the sub-cell level have to reorient their world approaches to one of external sharing, putting it all out there, reserving nothing.


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