The Moral low Ground

In times of great energy and environmental crises, should we as a society allow private jets—which are the epitome of inefficient—take off on our land, and endanger us when they miss-land? A private jet weighs 20 tons but only carries 10 people, while a commercial jet (the a380) weighs 600 tons and carries 600 people… roughly twice as efficient, and far more fuel efficient per pound. However, both are highly inefficient and a modern convenience that is a drag on the planet’s dwindling resources, but private jets should be banned sooner, and for good reason.

As I type this, there is an investigation (for the most part a waste of our societal time and effort, besides from the scientific standpoint of statistics and safety improvement) ongoing as to what went wrong when a private jet flown by Greenhill banker Jeff Buckalew carrying his family of 4 and a coworker crashed into 287 South in New Jersey. Doubtless, government investigators will spend just enough time and money to milk out the investigation and be paid taxpayer money before it raises red flags, and well less than enough time and money to bear any real fruit. But because a rich clique was on the plane, the royalty of this 21st century, it would be a faux pas not to investigate.

However, here is a question that I don’t imagine will be raised in the mainstream media or by the investigators: why did he crash into a highway going in the same direction as traffic? Route 287 is a choice spot if you are in need of a quick landing in the hilly and semi-mountainous area surrounding that highway.Image

The chances of randomly crashing onto a stretch of this highway are way less than 1 percent even if a pilot is using the highway as a brief guide to a southerly direction (he was trying to make it down to Atlanta, but what a highway should have to do with his route when having advanced tracking and guiding technology is beyond me). More probably, he realized he was going to crash and made an attempt to land, even though that would easily double the amount of people possibly killed (there were 5 on the plane… surely there were more than 2 cars on any given stretch). I guess you can’t expect heroics from someone who chose a most unheroic profession. You can’t ask anything more from somebody who gave back so little, making money by merely using money.


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