On Solyndra

After government loans, Solyndra was not in sync with the capitalist principle of profit, the bankruptcy is proof enough for that. However, being in sync with the world and its energy needs is quite another matter, quite different and at times contradicting what “necessity” means to the capitalist system.
The government gave sums in the hundreds of millions to the company (compare that with how much they have given Exxon directly and through tax breaks and loop holes) to create and/or distribute solar energy systems to the populace. All that we have to do is look and see if Solyndra’s output value of solar products now servicing the populace is equivalent or greater than the government cash input. As long as there weren’t corrupt CEO’s who bankrupted the company by keeping the money for themselves (not an unusual story if one looks at the bank bailout), or Solyndra had a poor solar technological basis from the start, in which case the government should not have chosen them as the company in which to distribute funds to—then there is nothing to be upset about. They were hired to do a job, they did the job, and now because of a lack of profitability, namely their not raising the price artificially of their solar systems, they are done. Think of it as a free lance gig that is over, no need to rip them a new asshole just because you are one.


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