Global Warming And Earthquakes, Buckle Up

Over played issues and counter-issues, along with political correctness, has made everything factual surrounding global warming become a big blurry muck in my mind. So I don’t know if this has been proposed outside of probable scientific communities (I hope this has occurred to them, at least), but with this incredible 2011 of natural disasters… too many to list it seems. A reasonable person who has put in the thought and research would agree that the sheer number and intensity of disasters are all indeed a result of a warming climate, save one: Earthquakes. However, before separating this phenomena as a non-effect of global warming, consider this:

A warming climate means the atmosphere and the crust of the solid earth are all exposed to higher temperatures than before. When things heat up, they expand, and one of the above average hottest places this year was Texas (neighboring Oklahoma)… and there have been numerous earthquakes there. Could it be that the plates are outgrowing their tectonics? Buckling up is a crazy roller coaster.

And that’s it, the idea is that simple.


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