The Ultimate Mischief Night: Tsar Bomba Detonation Turns 50

I don’t claim to know what its significance is—if it is a good thing, a bad thing, or nothing, but it is 50 years since the most instantaneously destructive device ever created by humans was exploded. The tsar bomba, the height of arms race steroidary, a 50 megaton nuclear weapon, was detonated under the cover of a wintering arctic. It is something worth mentioning, and thinking about comparatively to our own not-so-distant time…

Now, 50 years later, Exxon in the name of the former Soviet Union and with their state oil company, is now doing a different sort of mischief up in the arctic. It is just a strong example, a potent microcosm, of the acupuncture that energy companies perform on the earth’s crust, releasing odious black puss and clear liquid into the atmosphere level. It is an every day mischief, an acceptable mischief, that is corroding society, just to help us “go through the motions” at our normal dumb and pointless hyperpace, motoring along, devoid of thought. Unfortunately, the constant pollution isn’t so abrupt as a nuclear explosion, so we just accept it, or at least enough of us do to allow it to march on, to fracking ridiculous lengths.


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