Occupy Wall Street Strategies-Tactics

(Note: I will be updating/adding to this as ideas come to me)

1) Set up a blocking protest in front of the tunnels on the Jersey side during morning rush hour, using makeshift wooden horses, culture jamming the Hoboken/Weehawken corporate advertisements, and just a little slogan like “Crawl Street” or “So you don’t have to rush to work, we are going to slow down your day” … and maybe offer free massages? Maybe this idea is getting strange, but take whatever parts you think are useful/practical.

2) 3) Have a funeral procession, a hole dug, to put someone wearing a suit that says “Dow Jones” on it? Reverend Billy could perform the service.

4) Trees grow on money (using the future valueless paper to grow trees/vegetables):

5) Start digging in for the winter to make this city endure, and be environmentally friendly at the same time:

6) Womanhattan ( or lower Womanhattan), could be a village region within that any feminists that liked that idea could encourage people to locate that were aligned with that renaming movement. Also maybe they wear hats?

7) Generally I’m not into names and naming conventions, but perhaps a third name for “the city so ______ they named it thrice”


“Whenever there is a moment where people are taking unified action to take back the commons and fight the establishment that hoards our collective wealth, it is always essential to join in, cultivate it, and keep it going in any way you individually and/or cooperatively can.” This is what I am telling myself as I have largely been on the sidelines “occupied” by establishmentarian concerns.


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