Just Add An N To: The End Of DOW

Only beautiful, organic things spiral and soar as they descend, the stock market just falls down, because it is nothing of the sort. We cling to it, some set their pacemakers to it, as if it’s drop was a drop in their own blood pressure. Alternatively, I think that we will all be able to breathe again once something that we have been continuously worrying about failing finally does just fail and we can get back to serious thinking about making our lives and the world survivable and a better place to live in. Our ways of economically relating have become so constipated and devoid of imagination (except if you include scandalous, tactical extortion within the examples of “imagination”) that a bad day for DOW, is a good day for me, at least. We will have to stop buying from the Chinese and start listening to them to “not live beyond our means” and stop borrowing money from cold, calculating banks and begin borrowing and relying on each other to help produce and grow things that will help us to continue living on.


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