All This Fracking “Objective” Propaganda


You can’t argue with this video… literally, there are no places for comments except by the account holder to exxon’s account! I can’t even find a way to embed it here, that’s why I give you the link.

Focusing on the main propaganda element, their youtube page is decked out in chemistry equations that are there to tell all the common viewers that they better stick to their wal-mart jobs and let exxonmobile handle the important things. (If I wasn’t as lazy as I was, I’d figure out a way to wall paper my posts with M-theory and bubble universe equations, like Kurt Godel ejaculated on the screen. Boo ya bitch, I wrote this on the strings!)

Descriptive videos like this can contain or leave out as much as they want… you obviously can’t just watch this video and go out and start fracking away at the ground. “I watched a 2 minute exxon video and now I’m going to beat them at their own game.” Because of this, a non-expert can’t easily find what exxon is leaving out that might be harmful to their initiatives, even though we critics of fracking know that some of the gas and fracking fluids is coming out of that pipe (or never going into it), and instead going into our groundwater.

Anyways, anyways, though this post is about fracking propaganda, I think it is a lesson in understanding all propaganda, and that the most dangerous propaganda is that which is not labeled as such. The brainwashed don’t know they are brainwashed, and this objective veneer, or projection of factuality, a “just the way it is” that makes hope of “what could be” flee as you watch it… It creates a despair that, if you are against this, you’ve been beaten. Yes, this is the most dangerous propaganda. Further, it tries to build a comfort in the viewers. The media psychologists that work for big corporations work on the cliche that people fear what they don’t understand. Their solution? Let’s show them an ideal picture of what we are doing, then they will feel like they understand it, and then they can give a sigh of relief and forget all about it. Skeptics and critics usually only dwell on problems… so lets give them some equations and solutions, to ease their minds that everything is in order as it should be.


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