Old And New Ambitions

I was checking to make sure I could find this blog on google when I first saw this “front matter” of the journal I wanted to create over 4 years ago. This blog may have a lot of philosophy as my old aspirations for the journal were, but also a good amount of political discussions and the like. However, as my second post, I copy and paste the following:

Subverses: A Journal for Alterity, Hypertheses, and Hope — (Future Website – subverses.org)

The direction of Subverses is towards a ruthless critique of everything existing and a positive proffering of everything possible (and an admixture of everything in between). The aspirations of this journal are to identify and highlight all that is arbitrary and to posit the infinite alternatives that will hopefully overflow from the pages. May this overflow be subsumed in the flux of action, not captured in the containers of staticity. We are collectively the architects of our freedom, which includes the an-archytext-ures towards freedom. Any work of imagination that reconfigures what is or conceives of the totally new and the totally other is extremely welcome.

Why Subverses?

Subverses, as the name for this journal, is chosen to convey a multiplicity of purpose and arrangement. Subverses as a place for verses with a subversive intent containing both critical and positive elements, that by being articulated can “break the spell of the things that are,” adopting the words of Paul Valéry. Subverses is beyond just textual “verses,” and encourages artwork, architectural drawings and sketches, and diagrams, as it is recognized that every communication medium has its limits and so the best way to overcome this is to be open to the most possible. Sub-”versus” in that it is before and below the superficiality of competition, down to the underlying spirit of cooperation and interaction, where mutuality emanates in both the end ideas presented in the journal, as well as in their active development. And Subverses in the paradoxical sense that this is a place for the voices and ideas of the subaltern that are traditionally kept below the radar of recognizability and understanding, thus below verses of articulation. Hopefully a change in their “status” can proceed from being subaltern to just(ly) altern.

Possible topics/concepts to be thrown from their positions of comfort into the realm of their uncertainty include: Nation States; Private Property; Science; Democracy; the Individual; Violence; Socialism; Anarchism; Progress; Advanced Capitalism; Gender; Language; The Rule of Law; Epistemology; Culture; Representationalism; Philosophy; and a myriad of “others.”

If you are interested in being part of Subverses in the capacity of submitting works, helping with the website, and/or editing, or you would just like updates, please email versessub@gmail.com with the subject line Subverses


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