Strange Times (Beginning of Iraq War)

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Description: strange times


These are strange times to say the least. Particularly strange to me, b/c I feel I used to look up to adults, I used to believe that the world was at least semi perfect. For anyone in their right mind to say we as humans have created an anywhere near perfect world is just fooling themselves. When war is the only solution, you know it’s a failure. I guess I just don’t want the human race to blow itself of the face of earth, seems like such a silly way for all of us to go. Name calling and throwing around the word terrorist is a dangerous game, especially when onlookers of the two major characters of the possible war, Iraq and America, can decipher who is more of a terrorist, Saddam or Bush.

A big problem w/ a lot of Americans is that we have never witnessed war first hand and so we think “eh, big deal, blow those fuckers up”. Truth is, a great majority of those fuckers are innocents who in no way “elected” a mad man saddam. I don’t see anyone standing up against Bush for all of his injustices, oh, because he’s American, and


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