I Pledge Allegiance to Liberty and Justice for All—burn the medium in the message

Middleless Is Endless¡The ends destroy the medians!    ¡Rub out the rubbish!

¡For once the law of the excluded middle properly utilized!

¡At the end of the day, a 9 word pledge of allegiance that one can stand for that begins their day!

liberty and justice for all

Anarchy Grows Here Subverses

State Forests: what the state hasn’t grasped

State owned parks act as impenetrable rocks accidentally swallowed that cannot be digested by the predator’s intestines. The deep state isn’t so deep yet that it has been able to make full exploitative use of the entrenched non-hierarchical ecosystems of these hundreds of thousands up to millions of forested acres. The state dubs it protected land, but it has not silenced the dynamism of the land’s own making that protects and defends it from the state (for now, at least); anti-statists and anarchists alike would benefit to ruminate on this point to inform their future strategies and tactics. There are occasional forays by the state to fix or assess something in the typically mountainous regions covered in green on the surface and on the maps, but mostly, the extractive profiteering is minimal. The state’s conquest is limited to the besieged borders where the state seasonally charges fees to access these wildernesses, with permits to stay more than a single daytime day at a time; they would use tick fear as a patrol mechanism, a state ploy couched under “safety”, attempting to dissuade human access to these lands that it itself could not tame.

Contrary to the de jure legal understanding, I would argue that the borders of the protected lands are international, and the fees are a customs charge, for the land is merely enclaved by a state but not yet enslaved by it. The land is saved from state penetration perhaps by it’s lofty position (often mountainous), seated as Switzerland is in high and oblique inaccessibility. Though there are few to zero humans who permanently dwell in these places, there is plenty that we—who would choose to not be conquered by a state—can learn from such unconquered places. The protective geography that is an island in a sea of the state, is akin to ancient Greece’s geographical context, except that the unpopulated geography was the sea that made protected “islands” out of the separate city states.

While most other forests, grasslands, marshlands have been dragged in to the state’s nexus by roads and settlement—with taxation and monitoring following closely behind—these topographically asymmetrical lands have been overlooked by the state precisely because they were not, and still are not, easy to master. It is these places that frequently offer an overlook, a breath giving scenic vista, that belittles to a mere lower corner of the panorama the bedraggled exclave country that only legally includes this natural beauty. Even imperialistic statesmen such as Jefferson and Ted Roosevelt had either a steward’s empathy wrenched from them, or an awe and terror for something more dominant than they, when dealing with these vast dimensionalized lands and deciding to throw their weight behind their protection; a side question is whether they were acting as moral politicians or political moralists. Other politicians might have decided to do the same in their stead, and had they not, fierce nature might have beat them and their cadre of industry back anyways.

One of the most banal and taboo truths about human existence ties in here—a truth that puts us in our place—and it is namely that land grows people. This uncomfortable idea is ameliorated by other ideas of a plenitude of land (manifest destiny) so that raping and scorching vast stretches is okay and only localized: one cannot marry a land because there are too many parcels available, though one can have a piece of land every night and throw it away by the morning, for there are such reserves in wait. Unfortunately, such overcompensating has lead to pillaging that does not stop until it reaches little unimpressive islands of land where multiple series of squares meet—those awkward sub-acreages that modern land development is unable to systematically make more copies on. A “compromise” with nature is made with places like these alongside interstate highways where “lucky” trees remain that had the good fortune of seeding in what would be future front row seats to a twenty-four hour highway. A development corporation’s convenient public relation’s “green space” ruse disguised as a compromise with nature, is really a defeat of their instrumental rationality; but it is in these cases almost a Pyrrhic victory, for corporate and state use of rationality is so efficient in their destruction of nature.

As development corporations have trouble with little parcels of land that don’t fit in to their cookie cutter model, the state and its corporate parasites have trouble with untamed large pieces of land that would break their cookie cutters were they to try and apply them on the terrain. Life for now is very lush in these ultimate refuges of protected mountainous lands, lands which stand in a stark contrast to what industry really is all about—intentionally taming life and inadvertently (but inevitably) killing it. As of now only these strongest lands have not succumbed (been subalterrained) to the disease of state driven civilization; the state’s claws are not those of a mountain lion, they cannot easily grab such real things without great difficulty and harsh resistance, and so they only etch dividing lines in to flat plains coastal and continental that are two dimensionally digitizable. The state’s inability to grasp these places is precisely why they want to put their title on them. The state wants to contain them in language because such places actually show the limits of state power, and expose its vulnerabilities; like with so many other things, western powers linguistically co-opt what they physically cannot. Sometimes the protecting of these lands is presented as a bargaining chip in exchange for receiving a green-light to industrialize a different piece of wilderness, so in this sense they are used for political expedience. Beyond this the state’s utility of such lands is minimal, and that is a testament to what power life has in such lands, and perhaps to its future benefit if it has not deposited reserves in to fossilized coal. For us with the ability to migrate ahead of the coming metropolitan crises, skyscraping lands of tenacity with such a view would be quite a wise place to rendezvous.

Children After Life

Ode To The Young (in fore verses of thought)

Children are the cure, to any and all ailments that might plague life. What ailments have children not endured? Children right before us (¿and after us?) are breathing, running, surpassing. They are life’s commitment to continue—made tangible. Though it may seem it at times, they are not in our way; rather, our way is wrong! They are the way, the only way. They are not a prison, they are the corrections.

Children are the “im” prefix we can add to our “mortality”. They beat back death, and enough of them have always survived the events labeled extinctions. Children are far from species’ specific, even farther still from individual specimen specific; they wander in both form and content, they move in curious unpredictable directions as has always been life’s way. They are the vital group, around which to center this planet’s regrouping. Children keep us forever young, and they should be our ever after. When we include them in our count, we’ll see that we’ve aged less. When we exclude our individuality, we’ll see all life as ageless. We have children inside us, but we must release them outside us, before our death becomes theirs as (un)well.

Religions stole from children the role of the afterlife. Our lambs are our God, and our chief ministry is parenting to keep them safe from becoming sheep! Better to defy God than defy our children; no need to deify God when we deify our children. This child worship is not written in a book, it is written in us. Historically it must be so, that from the deeps of time there is a very long line of children looking up to us; we must align with this life and look up to our own children (rather than catching a mirror’s glance that has us confusing our children with our elders).

So what is my religion? The next generation! Focusing on seven days of primordial creation is a weak prospect; I want seven generations, on in to the immortal! Children are my afterlife—please join me and give them your life, so that they might be your afterlife as well!

My Thoughts Inexactly: Z is for Zeroing

An hour long lecture from the ocean has greater value than a two semester seminar at the likes of a Harvard or Cambridge.

Those who commit themselves to total war are always the first casualty.

We rise to the occasion, not because of what we are, but because of the occasion life is.

Better a mistake of words than a mistake of weapons.

The Universe is not built out of particles, it is built in to them.

Before and within all spatial becomings—dimensionalities going from one, to three, to unbounded potential dimensions—is the zeroth dimension. Dimension is a misnomer, just as quantum tunneling (and entanglement) may be misleading, for the immanent connection between all smallest parts in the vast universe will endure regardless of particular spatial distances and extensions. New, more expansive and dominant dimensions do not necessarily diminish the co-existence of “thinner” spatial dimensions, nor do any dimensions ever negate the zeroth dimension.

Man-aged or man lived. We must choose wisely, for ourselves and for our future!

Instead of cars that drive themselves, what about people that walk themselves?

I’d prefer a forest to an aphorist, but since I am not even grown to the depth of a single tree, I must choose the latter to taste such heights.

Your lack of a search for an ulterior motive is the success of the most important ulterior motive of the propaganda that seeks to quell you.

The real food Nazis are not the health conscious protective parents, but those who would use systemically toxic food as a weapon to sedate the masses.

A beautiful idea without a single tangible example to point to in the world—that is what the human is. Frustrating to bear witness to such a wide potential gap, wedged further and further apart by technological progress.

Parts are important enough to stop regarding them as mere parts.

It is not enough to only lose your own chains, for if your comrades don’t lose theirs you are sure to keep tripping over them.

Despite the incredibly disheveled and confused species that we are—made evident by all of our industrial sprawl—children still have the relative wisdom enough to favor trains, buses, and other mass transit over the idiotic individualization of cars.

If it isn’t visceral enough it isn’t real enough. Too regularly the artificial layers acting as a protective glove will suffocate the naked hands of we the primary creators.

If you won’t be with the whole, you’ll be apart, leaving a hole behind.

It is not the problem of being too introverted or too extroverted—it is the sitting on the wall that we built between the two, stagnant and unmoved by either… diverted.

Civilization doesn’t provide us the luxury of time for rumination, it provides us a plethora of lonely spaces that we can only fill with melancholic rumination.


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If a fish out of the water becomes food, what does a human out of land become?

desertification-1-638food is human

There were a few alternative wording options available, but I stuck with the fewest words for the pictured meme. One other option which might more clearly convey the intent I had when the thought of this concept occurred to me, is this: “If fish out of the water become food, what does a human off the land become?” This wording, I think, gets closer to my original criticism, which is humans moving in to cities and the extremely vulnerable position we put ourselves in with regards to other land possessing humans. However, the multi-layered interdependencies with the land are so complex that the other meanings such as erosion, land degradation also get across a common fate for all of us if we don’t soon rethink and reacquaint a relationship with un-modified land.

People’s Political Pipeline: Political Searching for a Cartoon

If I had the skill or digital know-how, I would draw this political cartoon:

A man or woman—drawn to represent an everyday sort—is being shown a pipe labeled “representative democracy” by another man, a swindler/marketer/salesman type (actually a politician). The pipe is a u-turn fixture, similar to the picture below

u turn on yourself

and has an entrance port where participants (constituents) are encouraged to put all their political energies. The salesman actually will be saying, “if you just put all your political energy into that pipe—anger, indignation, and so on—we as your representatives will put it to good use and make sure the causes and convictions you have are put to bettering your situation”. The reader of the cartoon will see, however, that due to the pipe system shaped as a “u”, all the energy is going to be turned and used against the very person participating.

Perhaps if this were to be drawn as two or three part comic, the person would ask “what’s that pipe for?” pointing to the other end, with the salesman telling some lie about its use, and then the final scene would be the person all burnt with exhaust smoke after doing as they were told.

Underneath would be a caption such as:

“This is what happens when you turn to them—they turn on you.”

shards from ‘Violet Children’ (excerpts)

and here at the turn versa vice rolls a play
¿so won’t you allow it to role your way?

¡Violet Children!
one n away from ending, are we
the vanguards of the indigo, alive barely
bare is how we exist, so touching is the death
this always in mind, we love with every breath

¿is it the darkness that kills
or the light that violates?

when the islands ocean the oceans
the oceans won’t island, nor cry
because the islands conquered their family
and now both oceans and islands must die

because we shine the most intensely and beautiful,
directly in the face of the lightless malevolence
entering David doth draw out full Goliath

violet children are here to clear our global meridians
xi concentrations lead to xi vacuums
we aren’t needles, we are needed
unclogging the Earth’s xi grid by dismantling the world’s power grid

shamans in antishamanic times
bound to think only in rhymes

we may lose violet sooner than achieving our ultra
the opening of a tunnel also a paved out funnel
the ultimate too powerful to comprehend, even to pen

unconditionally together to life we gather
standing together unconditionally, not not withstanding

expecting the living, finding the dead
emptiness unending our chief dread
hearing others words before voice has said
fearing their deaths before any drops bled

those too early vaschemtized we will regrow your fertility
those too early victimized we will resow your vitality

if Narcissus had drank himself
wouldn’t he perhaps not have drowned?
such a head as unadorned
is where exists the only real crown

morning with the mourners and evening with the sinners
throwing up breakfast to predigest, for our dinners

violet children are we
dealing with even more potent entities
the heart of evil to which we dive
knowing not whether we will survive

parade on our reign
for it is not that of a monarch, but anarchs