The uinverse Past 2: Effects Searching for Causes

The temporal past has no ontological significance, though it is probably the most naturalized false metaphysical postulate (an epi-ontology, if you will) that is given great investitures by the pillars of human culture like religion, fate, and determinism. It is the pastulate—if you won’t—that receives a great deal of traction from many non-classical and colloquial areas of human endeavor. Such disparate areas where the past is taken for granted range from the academy, where most scientists subscribe wholesale to Einstein’s spacetime, on over to the informal references to activities of yesterdays and yesteryears—references which take on a seemingly active existence in the imaginations of those who dwell on events past. Some, such as archaeologists and particle accelerating physicists, would even go so far as to forcefully plow and dig up modern habitations, or put our solar system at risk of a black hole, than lack any knowledge of the past. Whatever the particular method, it seems that devotion to something that isn’t in the here and now is certainly a trend in human behavior. The past, for its part, is a well papered over falsity that has cropped up and will continue to crop up when our vigilance sleeps, which is when our brains succumb to platitudes. An ontological explanation as to why a determinant past, though ontologically false, has staying power in our institutions and imaginations, is called for. The past is an enduring falsehood that is the logical mirror to something that does have real ontological significance: the metaphysical entity that is a determinizing future, i.e. the logical uinverse.

Universe's Impossible History

The past is not an ontological reality: it does not endure, reverberate, or have any effect on the present. A tenseless past does not accumulate with the passing of time (and no tensed past can be reaccessed out of our present, i.e. time travel into the past is precluded). Yet because of the nature of the uinverse—with its incessant logic impending upon the present with the potential future metaphysic—it is able to project itself (through negation) back in to “the past” transhistorically, seeding itself “there” so that an idea grows in the we of the present that there maybe is some sort of ossified past that seamlessly is moving us in to its logically contrived future. Contrarily to this supposed commonsense worldview, the reality of the metaphysical uinverse is that it is as an overturned fully branched out tree; it is such a tree that has come from no seed (for it has no birth), it only has a death that is intimately intertwined with the death of the Universe. When we of the present are a totally passive and captive audience, unable to deny scientific logic, the uinverse presents to us a full trailmap that displays our roots going back to a beginning. However, this trailmap that we unwarily misinterpret as a genealogical record is in reality a roadmap that projects the route to its end; it is a postdestination that when we chose to believe, we fate to be so (analogous to the “self-fulfilling prophecy”). The uinverse, then, is completely associated with a future and could not be locatable into a past for both the reason that 1) I am positing that there is no extension to time, i.e. time does not exist, and 2) the uinverse is in a purely reactive relationship with the physical present, rather than a “preactive” state that would allow it the causal agency to continuously create the present. Thus the logic driven uinverse, from the observations being made earlier (in part 1), is clearly a mere reactive metaphysic that is always making prescriptions a posteriori in relation to the evolving present.

The uinverse does have temporal sequence, which might be called duration (as opposed to the fully present-ed real Universe). This is not physical duration, but rather a metaphysical extension that is temporal, a perfectly sparing amount that has just enough calculus to drive the present Universe back to its original and constant end goal of the purely logical singularity. It is important to note that this uinversal duration tensely disintegrates when the choice is made to fall in to this logical path, this for the reason that our present treats a logical determined choice no different than it would an un-logical free movement previous state—both quickly leave ontological existence as they are tensed. The uinverse is a pure opportunist, and has no care, no pride to ontologically store previous routes to Universal destruction; all that it cares for is to move the pieces towards the end logical singularity. Premeditation is the defining difference between a determined, logical choice for new motion and that of a free, illogical choice for new motion.

The logically singular end goal aspect of the uinverse is what Parmenides inherently realized when he devised his philosophy impossibilizing motion: he was speaking with the voice of the pure logic that diatribed of a necessity for a singularity. He denied the real world of motion all around him in favor of submitting to the whining of a metaphysic that ultimately wanted to destroy that world. The past’s non-existence is, not coincidentally, something Parmenides would agree with, but for a very different reason or end than he had hoped to investigate, that of freedom and determinism. In contrast to what Parmenides would say—that there is no freedom because there is no change, and that there is no need for determinism because everything (i.e. the only thing) is already determined—the real moving Universe has the option of freedom built in to it, and as being truly free, it has the optional choice for determinism (via the uinverse) available to it. The freedom of our living Universe, of our ontological reality, is a freedom that has the option of death (and the Universal freedom should not be confused with a individualized and separately locatable “free willing” entity). Without assuming a past as is tacitly done in so much of the causal determinism/freedom dialogue, there is now the space afforded to the Universe to include the existence of both freedom/determinism without the temporal restrictions that make them mutually exclusive. Determinism is an option, a future direction, that the energies/energy of the present can avail themselves to. There is no necessity that this deterministic path is elected, and there is no force greater than collective conformity that keeps the ontological present committed to such a straight and narrow path.

Heading off the role of cause and effect: the breaking of the cause and effect chains

The most basic of inversions that logic binarily has put on our minds is that of the concept of cause and effect. Logic, in crude form, says that causes out of the past conglomerate to create our present, as a mere effect, which in turn becomes a future cause of future effects, and so on chaining up the future in-definition. However, this logical presumption becomes highly problematic when there isn’t a past out of which the present can causally spring, and the questions that then emerge are where is the place of cause and effect, and is it just a false belief (leaving the Universe to be ontologically free, or somehow determined by another force)? Cause and effect is indeed a creation of the uinverse—which explains why it has independently emerged repeatedly in different cultures—and it cannot hope with this tactic to be causal, it can only hope to be “effective”.

There are many intuitive problems that arise when one seeks to use cause and effect as an explanatory device for all that is empirically witnessed in our world. It would be peculiar, but not necessarily falsifiable, if we lived in a causally determined universe that caused, deep back in its origins, among other things the exact necessary causal chains that would allow the correctly mental-structured (for human consumption) concept of cause and effect to appear now and then cause variable written refutations of such a concept. Another observation that doesn’t sit well with cause and effect is that of oneness somehow causally erupting from within itself, or later on being caused to erupt from an outside force, in to a multitudinous mixture of matter and forces of varying speeds and distances. A universe with increasing levels of depth/subtlety/difference seems to be ill-explained or formulated when it is understood as causally causable; this may be restating the age-old paradox that something needs to be caused and yet needs to be self-causing, albeit by a different route. However, from my view self-causation only seems paradoxical if we assume cause and effect to be the only (or primary) ontologically real method of motion (i.e. mutually exclusive, or “incompatible”). Many contemporary cause and effect enthusiasts defer the issue by appealing to the determined randomness from the quantum mechanical scale to explain how cause and effect could appear so subtle and unknowable. To be fair to the physicists, physics is currently a lot more open-minded than philosophers and logicians who would use their trade to push crude causal determinism; in this regard, perhaps I am just one such person, though in reverse, crudely unpushing a crude cause and effect model.

The metaphysical uinverse is a plethora of sequential cause-effect chains that all lead off with an effect, which they use to bate the Universe to provide the cause to. The long but finite “fuse” of effect, cause, effect, cause, …, logical-singularity is inertly constructed in the metaphysical potential state of the uinverse. It is always dangling the effect tip of its fuse into our present as the logical option we might embark on. The sorrow of embarking upon this path with all our energy consistently devoted towards it is that the voyage has at its end a final disembarkment at Universal death; it would be better to embark on an endless voyage. Causal chains, though linked to death and ultimate death via logical necessity, are an option afforded to the free Universe; they are led by the effects that seek to recruit their own causes to bring themselves in to concrete realization.

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The uinverse Part 1: Logic as the Metaphysic

Why is it that logic—along with its elaboration in what we call math—has long appeared and reappeared to humans across vast spaces and times? Rationality and reason, which are really just spawns and/or colloquially vague terms used as synonyms, are also beholden to a basal binarial logic. These manifold appearances of logic are not some creation of the human imagination—logic is intrinsic to reality itself, and I hope to here unveil logic’s devices by sharing some common empirical observations.

Formally speaking, many notable systems of thought have been devised where logic was the single deep tap root that served as a foundation to the thinker’s curious elaborations. The infamous triad of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all grounded themselves with logic; older Greek thinker’s such as Pythagoras, and then Parmenides and Zeno, gave logic the legs with which to walk at the expense of paralyzing and paradoxicalizing motion itself; more recent western canonical thinkers such as William of Ockham, Descartes, Hegel, and Russell, among others, bow down to an innate logic; surely there are also many non-western thinkers who have a sort of steadfast logic informing their thoughts, though I cannot list them because of unfamiliarity. However, one needn’t be taught logic in an educational system to access its teachings, proof of this being that many uneducated peoples still devise “reasonable” ways of thinking and acting, to “deduce” decisions for their daily existence. Where do they learn this? It could be argued that the infrastructure and organization of society teaches logic (and surely it does), but at some point these artifices did not exist to inform people—people had to create them. That still begs the question: from where did we receive the inspiration to create these logical patterns? In this case the “we” is extrapolatable far beyond just humans—it includes our fellow earthly lifeforms, but most especially also “non-living” matter that will here serves as the logical pupils of distinction. We were all taught by something very immediate that devised in us the logical pathway of which we ought to follow and those “illogics” which we ought not to. Indeed, the teacher that learns us of these dependent and determined ways of moving is the uinverse, the metaphysic of pure negation.

The “uinverse” is a metaphysical postulate that exists immanently within every region of the Universe’s differentiated expanse. The uinverse evolves precisely in reaction to all the freely evolving actions of the Universe, lurking as a metaphysical opportunist that is always posturing itself to be the most relevant, “logical” choice. It whispers in to the the ontological spatiality, impressing upon all active spatiality, offering it the reactive option. When “He” gets stuck in his philosophical writing, the uinverse offers the “gel”, so that he can become “Hegel”. Such philosophers get swayed by it and it is to their philosophy’s detriment; logic is the signature of a loser. Logic incentivizes identity-completion to the “incomplete” open particulars so that they will close their outward interactions and become a micro-whole that goes on to lose its value and autonomy; logic turns 4 kings in to one pawn (via Ockham’s razor). As the Universe musically spatializes itself into more complex and beautiful emanations, the logical driven uinverse is obsessed with organizing, analyzing, and destroying all of the Universe’s creative progress, through patterned rigid motions that succumb to reduction and simplification (again Ockham’s razor at work).

Though I may have painted an image of this metaphysic as being this insidious demonic entity, the uinverse is in actuality a very banal evil, and expresses in a much broader sense some of the particular human actions that we easily fall into as theorized by Hannah Arendt. This metaphysical entity I call the uinverse—the only actual metaphysical entity that I posit in this theory of everything—enters in to the ontology when and where the present spatiality is weakened, and the choice is made to follow the logical path faute de mieux. This metaphysic, through its seductive, divisive reasoning, is often able to enter our ontological world through it’s power of logical negation; it offers itself through opportunistic posturing of some knowable outcome. It is very fitting that something logical, as logic is by its own definition, would be metaphysical which stands as a negative to the physical. If this seems tautological, it’s because it absolutely is tautological. However it is not merely a linguistic tautology, nor a fallacy of our thoughts (for our thoughts are very physical and real besides). Nay, it points to the larger tautology of which we are all members, that is the all-inclusive whole of the Universe. The Universe, when given as a whole, is the only real perpetual motion machine that can be found and need be sought after. It could induce perpetual and deepening motion—of which organic life is an excellent example—so long as it’s not treating itself “mechanically” at logic’s command.

Some intuitable specifics of how the uinverse “whispers to us” are important to show how something that is metaphysical can concretize itself. On the human thought level, uinversal logic expresses itself most crudely as “either it will, or it won’t” or “either it exists, or it doesn’t” or “there are two sides to every argument”, and so forth. In terms of cosmological theories, the Uinverse is the reactive force that would impel the Universe to recede from it’s expansions (or inflations, so long as that theory was made commensurate) and fulfill the predictions of a Big Crunch, negating all material gains back in to a single point for a singularity. Because of it’s binarily deductive, reductive modality of negation, it could be said that the uinverse wants to half-life the Universe away until it is no more. Spatial distinctions that provide unique and deepening experiences are indeed destroyed when matter is compacted and purified by some necessitating force.

Math Speaks Gravity (a working hypothesis) The widespread assertion that math is the universal language is never paired with the question: for whom does it speak? Gravity indeed uses math, logic, and the like to give itself voice, but it is not the Universe’s language at all, but the uinversal languish. Of the fundamental forces of nature, gravity is the one that displays most clearly the machinations of the uinverse; it is the first fundamental force to split off from the super-unified force immediately following the Big Bang, and has at the heart of its effort—then and now—that of restricting and flattening all spatiality it encounters. Often the living Universe turns a deaf ear to such uinversal restrictions, but when it stops to listen, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that gravity speaks logic/mathematics. Mistakenly, a narrow and generalized algebraic equation describing the situation would put mathematics as the independent variable and the Universe as the dependent variable (with spatiality serving as a variable and embedded coefficient), whereas the truth is really that all of our math is a perfunctory and fickle dependent variable that haunts the intrinsic independence of the Universe; this is an example of the aforementioned negation in action, with the all too familiar inversion/perversion—here math is the u-inverse. Gravity is a negating energy falsely represented as a scientifically determinable feeble energy at the micro-spatial levels (and powerful at larger levels when matter is bundled), a position that if taken reductio ad absurdum has forming against it the expanding dark energy to be one of the positive hopes for a differentiating Universe. All the forces existing do add up (subtract down) to zero, but to say such a zeroing in would be equivalent to their all being equal—as mathematics would be enticed to do—would be a false representation of what formed the Universal tautology to begin with, which is really a unified differentiating force. The forces now existing are not equal and need not ever be equaled in a singularity, though math speaks of such a symmetry and reconcilement. On the terming of gravity/logic as a force, it is debatable if it even is at all; its very machinations allow it to be reified in to existence and represented as such, but it seems to exist most prominently where other forces are lacking.

Einstein gets deceived by his great openness to such a primary force at work in developing his general relativity and mistakenly he attaches a deterministic duration to spatiality known as “spacetime”. Einstein was right to elucidate in gravity the force that distorted spatiality, perhaps by its oscillating of space to interpose a lame fabric where a brilliant tapestry was previously. The uinverse would work such a logic into the postulation of such a mind as Einstein’s, where it might possess the legitimacy to be a determining element via a temporalized past; however, gravity is effective, not causal, in that it is the duration that eats itself when successful and destroys itself when not. In a potential unwritten future post will I speak more of this metaphysical post-u-later.

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Globalisation Chinese’sway: Housing Bubble or Future Hegemonic Infrastructure?

There was no place to comment on Charles Hugh Smith’s blog post that pointed out a major potential fault line in China’s economy, namely their scores of empty apartments… so I thought it best to write a response here:

These Chinese city flats and other housing constructions (maybe a suburban phenomena as well? I don’t know enough about China’s current urban developments—it’s doubtful even China does) are sitting brand new, completed, but as of yet unsold. The fear of the short-sighted analysts (I don’t necessarily number CHS as one of them, he’s just pointing the issue out) is that this bubble of bad investment will crash China’s economy as well as the global economy. I’m guessing their fears are at least in part because of the illiquidity being literally built in to China’s economy with such permanent and potentially wealth-sucking blackholes as uninhabited buildings.

Whether or not China intends it—but I think they do—these housing options will be where some of the new non-Chinese moneyed elite will be flocking to as China remains one of the few economies left standing; they will certainly be the strongest country (financially) left after the financial and energy markets wreak havoc, so long as things don’t go terribly wrong militarily. These notions of far reaching global shifts in power don’t generally enter into the minds of most western analysts, especially given the fact that their “macro” analyses were built of (soon to be) antiquated western worldviews that preclude such thought. I think that is why I am probably relatively alone in seeing what seems to be such a “metaphysical” problem (because economics these days are truly pejoratively, metaphysical) as really a grand physical opportunity. Just because liquidity can dry up and prove to be really valueless, doesn’t mean that illiquid goods won’t have a great deal of value. To have a surplus of housing is quite a good thing to be holding on to, as opposed to a load of worthless federal reserve notes.

Indeed, China will become a global host, opening up to be a more modest cosmopolitan country (in comparison to a whored out Manhattan) so long as the benefits are mostly to the mother country. China has to be anticipating its interception of the globalized world and it is certainly doing all in it’s power to not intercept a candle that will in short order be blown out. They will want to keep as many national thermal generators burning and how better to do that than housing some of their leaders to inspire them with residency in a still “functioning” (in terms of industrialized capitalism) economy. They know they will need to cheerlead and put forth great amounts of energy—much like the US did after WW2 with the Marshall plan—to keep their new satellite states orbiting around their dense sphere of interdependent dominance.

This will prove to be just one in several concurrent chess moves that will put Eurasia back in the seat of prominence.

The Grand War Of Attrition: a sketch

I don’t care to focus on enemies proper, enemies biological that present as mere fodder for the propaganda machines that are themselves much more the enemy. Biology has been so twisted, put to such extreme limits all over this planet (GMO fish, humans in outer-space, etc.) that it’s no wonder that many individual species have reached their range of livability and have gone extinct. There are plenty more species ready to be pushed over that edge, buried deep in an inescapable hole. Even viruses that are tormented in to modified form that we may blame and think of as enemies, are merely symptomatic and victims themselves—they are particularly unsustainable viruses.

So who/what are the enemies, then, that so victimize biological life? We must think in very physical terms to get to the answer, and be armed with widely opened imaginations to offer an alternative setting with which to draw contrast with the setting currently. I have already pointed the finger at the damaging effects of the large (and increasing) volumes of heavier metals at the earth’s surface in a previous writing. Metals are certainly intertwined in this story, caustic and causative in this war of attrition on humans. Let’s look at some of the other in-activators in this battle life fights with diminishing returnings:

1) Not all species know seasonality, which translates in to the fact of many species being utterly unfamiliar with winter. So too would it be true for the relatively hairless humans who are born almost and sometimes completely hair/fur free, yet today you will find us being born in some of the harshest external environments. Internal genetic modifications have not as of yet entered our birthing process to have us gestating and being born with clothes on, nor being born with a great deal of fur, enough to withstand the thermal temperature cycles. We who remain far adrift from the equator have winterized ourselves for the mistaken paths of the past rather than migrate back in the correct direction for our species. Our technologies and cultures have invested us in lands that are very much at odds with our nature, and though we’ve figured out how to survive, we are very far from thriving. The dependence on and slaughter of (animals for meat and skins, trees for shelter and for fuel, fungi for food and medicine) countless other lifeforms to keep our species living in such a barren landscape is really telling. This was not fate—we chose this some time a long way back, when we decided to turn our backs on the sun and follow our shadows and admire them as they lengthened.

2) The life process has been slowed down directly related to the death process being slowed. We’ve engineered ways to stop organic materials from decaying and quickly being reabsorbed by their surrounding eco-system. The concomitant to a slowing of decomposition is the slowing of regrowth and heightening vitality. We’ve made a subtle war of attrition on the natural materials that afford themselves to us, such as linseed oil, and starve them, desertify them, so that they may be used as part of linoleum. Woods are now “treated” with such endurance that they may exit their normal cycle long enough that our generational overlaps leave us forgetting how to harvest and build with them in the first place. The war of attrition against all that is around us is surely and obviously having severe blowback effect on us. From janitor on down to food-stuffed micro-preservatives, we’ve been working on maintaining what we have acquired to the loss of our own bodily skills. Through primary inheritance of skills we had a renewable system of charging our bodies with everything needed to survive and thrive; now we’ve chosen to pour our skills in to texts and other mediations (recently in the form of many digital contraptions) that have lead to the great atrophy of good bodily habits.

3) Infrastructure has a knack for slowing down technological progress yet sticking around longer than expected in a dysfunctional relationship with the needs of the day. It is generally starved of beauty, as it was originally built for a momentary utilitarian ethos that has long since passed, and so it will endure to plague any natural reintegration that humans might seek to make with the land on which they so depend. More than metal, infrastructure is concrete, rerouted and retarded waterways (i.e. TVA tinkering), bare compact land that has had the fertile top soil eroded off the top. Infrastructure has been an accelerant for destructive wind patterns that allow a chain of negative energies to befall what ecosystems do survive in its proximity.

4) The food chain is one motif which I will later expand upon greatly but I should mention here for it is increasingly tenuous. Being at the top of any food chain already puts a species that may fool itself in to thinking it’s powerful in a very vulnerable position. The convergence of our thinking and our systems have gone above and beyond to remove us many steps from the very vulnerable food chain, to the point that our future is being attritioned if not our immediate present.

5) Immune systems weakened by lack of engagement with germs and viruses as well as weakened by poor nutrition in the form of foods loaded with inflammatory components that lead us to dose ourselves with immune suppressing anti-inflammatory drugs. The sterility, chemicals, and culture with which we voluntarily expose ourselves might be more of an example of how our education system has slowly and efficiently gnawed away at our brain tissue.

Five major points of tactical dismemberment of humans—the ones inhabiting northern North America at least—are enough of a foray in to this very slow war on their biological abilities to continue to survive in the given conditions. Some seem self-imposed, but it’s hard to truly believe that, given the robbing of agency that seems to be taking place given propaganda, miseducation, and techniques of dumbing-down the populations. In any event, there are surely many more attrition tactics that have come to surface in my mind, and will resurface once this post becomes archived, but for now five should suffice. Be cheery, at least getting to a dark place we can clearly see where the light is shining and what is worth aiming for!

Why Today Is Riddle Day? (Answers At Bottom)

0) Why march backward? Why is today riddle day?

1) What common situation has people seated very closely to one another but leaves them feeling very separate from others?

2) Without moving forward more than 3 spaces at a time, how can you get from the start to the finish? (need to provide picture of single boxes opening up to double boxes)

Possible Answers:

0) To fool April (inverse of April Fools’ Day)

1) A red traffic light; a traffic jam (I can’t comment on cubicle living because I have not experienced it)

2) You can do one or two spaces at a time.

waiting to happen

Publishing NoteL

“Come here you” Sandra said smiling at her 20 month old son, Aiden. “You going to jump some more for me?” Aiden had just learned to jump and had this adorable way of trotting joyously with miniature leaps sporadically choreographed in. He was running back and forth through their front yard, which was highlighted by dappled sunlight sneaking by the leaves of the large oak tree in their front yard. It was a very pleasant early fall day, and there were older neighborhood kids playing kickball that added an idyllic sound-scape to serve as background to Aiden’s delightful outbursts of pure joy.

“What a talented boy you are!” Sandra exclaimed as Aiden completed another lap of his wacky legged race. She gave him a hug and then patted him as he continued his trek through the front yard. Her phone rang and she looked and saw it was her sister calling. She decided not to pick up but to text her if it would be okay if they talked later. She was following Aiden towards the sidewalk tapping at her phone, as a squirrel up above was running haphazardly through the adjacent tree. She overheard one of the kids playing kickball say, “Car!” and saw them all huddle to the opposite side of the street. She returned to her text, and so didn’t see the squirrel fall out of the tree nor the startled girl shriek and jump into the road. She looked up when the girl shrieked and realized a car was bearing down on her. Fortunately for the young girl the driver saw her just in time and swerved to avoid her, but he turned with such force that his car hopped over the opposite curb, the curb where little Aiden was now squatting down admiring an acorn.

Aiden was buried in a closed casket three days later.

Sandra’s shrieks of pure horror that afternoon, as she witnessed the most devastating event any human should have to endure, woke people from their coma. Aiden was one of four kids under the age of 15 to be killed because of a car in the USA that day, an average day in the country known for it’s highways and love of cars and motor-sports.

Hopefully these words, based on many true stories, was sickening enough for you to reconsider the importance of commuting by car to work, of holding a job that requires you to drive, for most of our driving does take place on our way to and from work, and thus most of our preventable accidents. Can we really blame or explain these deaths with some higher power that we have no control over? Or should we blame and explain these deaths on the cars that are powerful enough to take several human lives just from one simple mistake by the driver, or a mistake in the engineering of the car.

We have the power to create the change before these crisis; we can save these people, it is very much in our hands. We need to stop with our violent machines, or else we are choosing to face the deaths of our loved ones as “accidents waiting to happen”…


LI sat on this probable scenario short fiction piece—unsure if I should publish it—but following the intentional use of a car as a weapon in Las Vegas I decided I should release it. I wanted to emphatically assert that, intentional or not, cars are weapons that we all are guilty to some degree or another of letting drive up the preventable, tragic, deaths that are numbered at over 3,000 per day.

Solstice 2 Solstices: some forecasts for the Earth’s next revolution

1) The oligarchs of global power and finance will continue to constipate the shit from hitting the fan until they feel it is an opportune moment to start releasing some of the floodgates (Yellen’s raising of the rates was one such vanguardian release—a chess move that will serve to build momentum for other future domino releases). The opportune time for the crisis—which the elites will try set the stage for though they lack the complete control and might not succeed—will be July or August. This timing will work well in conjunction with the many political turmoils foreign and domestic that surely will be occurring. It can all be neatly and succinctly arranged just as today’s movie editors do with thousands of video takes to be spouted out of Hilary, Jeb, and/or Ted’s mouths as if it were historical fact. The general public resultantly will be swayed to believing the packaged campaign pitches which will all be eerily similar to one another’s despite their supposed partisan differences.

2) Multiple medium to large US cities will have a debt default similar to Detroit in 2013, and possibly a county or state will declare some sort of imminent financial crisis.

3) Following an acute crisis (perhaps a debt default) with the Japanese economy and loss of confidence in the yen, after the dust has  settled the IMF will announce its removal from the SDR basket, allowing other currencies, particularly the RMB, to grow from its current predicted allotment of 10.9%.

4) Trump will be a rightwing version of RFK in 1968. I was guessing at this well before his recent Muslim comments, but that just solidifies my thinking of how things will be opportunistically set up and played out. Putin’s recent endorsement of Trump are just goading such a situation along, increasing its likelihood. Somehow ISIS will be implicated in this specific spectacle, and more widely involved in shaping politics at a larger, more general scale through the 2016 campaigning season due to the aforementioned politicians fitting ISIS in to their false narratives.

5) Game of Thrones Season 6 will be the last season distributed widely on the HBO network; season 7 will be filmed but by spring of 2017 things will be so out of sorts it won’t be aired in the previous modes.

Added post solstice, (on December 22) —

6) The United States military will start an ad campaign overtly utilizing the “Call of Duty” pre-propaganda to enlist young peoples; this will be the full circling of a readymade, glamorizing theme that has done all the work of building a mindset that favors a military lifestyle among the youth (and young middle aged). Look for there to be some student loan debt forgiveness deals if one opts for the military track.

7) Though it’s a longshot that they even get in to the playoffs—and I apologize to make sports predictions—I am making the following prediction: The Giants will defeat the Panthers in the playoffs, make it to the Superbowl to continue their quadrennial cycle there, but go on to lose to the Patriots unlike the previous 2 victories over them (2008, 2012).