Permaculture Campaign (Politically Correcting)


Wanted to release a compilation of pictures, memes related to spreading permaculture ideas via the Permaculture Campaign, which I launched the end of January. Also, some door to door educational campaigning is in the works, and there is a budding facebook contingent that merged with NJ Permaculture Group if you are curious.

Karlos Generalizations And Memes On Permaculture:

Permaculture is the bridge that allows humanity to leave its barren desert island and cross back to the land of holistic ecosystems

If our actions don’t follow the word permaculture in to the main stream, we are up Shit’s Creek.

Examples (Before and After) of Large Scale Permaculture Restoration




notes 4 today: 2017-02-09 (Sanctuary Tierras; Trance And Kervranian Biological Transmutation; Paradoxes Of Uniformity; Musings On What Revolution Is)

title: Sanctuary Tierras

Since speak of sanctuary cities is commonplace these past several weeks with what is going on in the USA, I would like to in brief suggest an alternative and longer lasting sanctuary that needs to be established. Cities, despite having become havens for diversity and a logical place to resist racist/xenophobic/fascist policies, are themselves at the forefront of ontologically establishing the necessary background for totalitarian control; cities funnel people in to narrower movement patterns, they make them hyper-dependent on oppressive supply chain dynamics, and they severely lack in ecosystems. The history of cities coming in to existence is predicated upon imperialism and domination, and it is only sickened magical thinking that they are somehow separate or above this bloodbathed historical conjuring. Cities are now globalized places and globalized means dependency; cities try to justify an inter-dependency, but this inter-dependency is only a feign—cities are not needed by those who live in a balanced relation with the land. Everyone is to some extent in equal danger in a city, and equally displaced from the location(s) that they harm by their very existence continuing in a city. The leap from cities to concentration camps is not very far, the gap to jump is not even as noticeable as a crack in the pavement. A fascist house will soon be inhabited by fascists, whether intended or no.

Real sanctuary is to put ourselves—human animals—back in to a balanced relationship with the land that does not have civilization’s concrete/asphalt/agriculture scars all over it. Being spread out over the land, immersed in connectivity, there is much great natural security against all manner of problems that beset people, INCLUDING social problems such as racism and fascism which are a natural outcroppings of exploitative and extractive Western capitalism and the dynamics involved in exchanges between the urban and the rural.

Racism will come to mean little when starvation sets in, or the specter of starvation is hung over a people. Sanctuaries that are in places which were built upon centuries of human, lifeform, and land/resources oppression and alienation are not good long term places. They are at best temporary rendezvous spots, but they will fail in this particular regard as well as in their general capacity to “support life” because they were built to fail. Land and its natural abundance, on the other hand, is very modulating to the extreme swings on which a diseased living situation ensnares us. It supported us long before we clustered ourselves (or were clustered by) in to cities.

The immigrants undergoing increased oppression would be best served by those who have land to open up to them to practice agriculture/permaculture and/or to establish intentional communities that build up a community immune system prophylactically before diseases like fascism and racism have the chance to emerge. Too much is happening in reaction, and sanctuary cities are part of that reflexive unreflected reaction.

¡Tierra y Libertad!

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title: Trance and Kervranian Biological Transmutation

Why is it and how is it that music can make you feel so good? What does music provide in the vibratory energy that expresses upon our bodies? Among other things that emotionally moving music (such as high quality euphoric trance… not easy to come by!) gifts us, I believe that music exudes subtle vibratory energies to be absorbed by energetically open humans (perhaps other energetically open lifeforms as well) so that they (we!) may alter atomic structures to create elements that we need out of other atomic elements available. Kervran showed that plants, at least, are “bioavailers” that have the ability to create elements that are in short supply, and I see no reason that other lifeforms should not be intrinsically capable and active at doing this. And for the reason/mechanism by which they are enabled to do so, I see no reason that it cannot be at base some beautiful vibratory force(s) that are moving these lifeforms to be self-healing and internally growing. Why biological transmutation should be restricted to a certain class, family or kingdom of life, would in my view only be the sophomoric restrictions that science places upon itself. As I’ve asserted before [note 2], I think ideas the imagination produce are true and it’s the burden of science to prove them false.

Music has real power to heal and provide nutrient needs, something especially valuable in our lands of quickly eroding soil that will see the Earth’s biomass decline even more steeply if we do not start rapid restoration. Allowing music to do its work, just as acupuncture and other healing modalities, is as important as ever.

title: Paradoxes Of Uniformity

The ease of uniformity is concurrently the disease of reality. Things (not to focus on humans per se, yet) are made uniform by human artifice, to align them in a straight rigid fashion. Though on the surface it may be justified as such, imposed uniformity is never about establishing connection, instead it’s about making things the same, so that they are the same frequency and adhere to the same leveraged manipulations. When such simplified manipulating frequencies are not there, the things lie dormant, very inactive and pulled from an ecosystem that would have had them actively becoming. Perhaps bridging to sociological phenomena, think of the perfectly trained unit of soldiers without their commanding officer present to direct them. What is their existence if not to be lead by a commander, these perfectly trained soldiers bereft of their past life experience by a perfect training regimen?

Human the organizer rather than human the steward forgets the invaluability of diversity in a landscape, and fancies that uniformity is an end in itself on many forages. Humans ontologically treat the rest of the world this way, and they so too treat each other in this fashion. This fashion needs to change, I fashion.

title: Musings On What Revolution Is

Revolution, just like any other term in our languages, is a reified term. Being reified it is by necessity imprecise and distracting, but revolution is one of the few words in my mind that is truly attracting as well. It is a potency, and is worth investigating, a touch of which I will do here:

Revolution should not be thought of as spread over hundreds of thousands of square miles: this is an extrapolation that humans all too often do for our activities and false assumptions about how reality on this Earth is governed (or that it is even governed!). Revolution is a desperate (and often beautiful) attempt at qualitative shifts of evolution when there has been a long quantitative drift of devolution. Revolution—for if nothing else it is a human convention—is something that happens within ourselves, our habits, and our relationships to others. The change that revolution might bring us in such deadly and dystopian times as the ones we are now in, are to treat ourselves better and habitually be good for and aware of our connection to the Earth. We might move and grow at a balanced pace, and move without attention, or attachment to, consequences imposed by contextually external entities. One does not ask permission from the old world to revolt and create a new world; if such revolution happens under these circumstances, it is revolution in name only, named by the overseers.

Revolution within will have us loving our enemies, our lords, as our friends, and as in need of help to come down from the heights of responsibility which hierarchy has elevated them to. Money and other legalities returned to mere paper, a banal crime against a tree and an insane crime against immediacy. Reality mediated no more, this is revolutionary given where we are…

An Asymmetry (My Thoughts Inexactly)

The difference between darkness and shadows is so profound that light stands in between them.

Dystopia doesn’t taste bad—dystopia doesn’t taste.

Days without precedence are days without presidents!

After waking up to the nightmare, we will find within ourselves the power to put the nightmare to sleep.

Live so profoundly that people do not ask who you were, but what you were.

The real war is when David attacks David; if David survives that, Goliath better run.

Never was a pattern so beautiful that it wasn’t more beautiful still when it was destroyed in an emotional tornado—that’s what it is to be human! If all we are are symmetrical structures, then all we are are corpses; we aren’t are we?

Playing revolutionary is a redundancy.

Life is difference or it is nothing. If you don’t like that narrow choice, choose differently.

Wisdom is gifted to the young from the elders, not their olders.

Their importance is our impotence.

Revolution never gets old—that’s why it’s revolution!

Infinity is not a fixed destiny, but it can be an unbroken destination.

Being apolitical isn’t negating politics, it’s handing your power over to your enemy. Only the dead are apolitical—if you are alive your power is either used by you or by your enemy.

Be the great disturbance in their force.

You can be reborn without dying. In fact, to be reborn it is required that you stop dying first.

One who is obsessed with possessions cannot be obsessed with themselves, for there is very little left to obsess over.

“You can’t have too many rules” equals “you can have too many rules”; thus the ambiguity of language, and the arbitrarity of rules.

A society that one needs to take vacations away from, is a society to vacate.

Truth fools all other propaganda.

If an entire ecosystem does it, it’s called rebalance; if an individual species does it, it’s called violence.

Live in the now and the later never has to come.

Stability is not just the death of death—it is the death of life. Welcome the instability, for without it, in to existence the arbitrary that is you would not have been welcomed.

It’s quite obvious that the human brain has been systemically atrophied, which is why little is quite obvious.

How loud you hear something makes a difference in how well you will internalize it and make it your own. Be brave and sing it or sign it beautifully and not too harshly, and it will resonate in and through others.

We won’t leave this Earth happy, but hopefully we will leave this Earth happier. If not, we will leave this Earth.

The future is written, but blueprints can be burned and documents de-composed, before we dare read them to the injury of our freedom.

Year zero and the year of zero are very close and simultaneously the most distant.

You know difference is the right choice because there is always a niche on it. It never is exhausted and it doesn’t get counted relative to other entities. It leaves the chains of supply.

Revolutions sunset the laws of oppressors whereas reforms just sunset themselves and their supposed beneficiaries.

Becoming good and being evil.

Thinking that we are qualitatively different than all the other animals on the planet has been the single most destructive story we’ve told to ourselves—the single most quantitatively potent animal on the planet.

Do not be ignorant of the ignorance of others. The perils of education are such that the educated will view provincial people as less than, when hitherto in a great balance all were provincial within their circumstance, and not dominated over by alien provinces and alienating knowledge bases. Knowledge correlated directly with the power to engage has passed on, where now the most knowledgeable are often the most disengaged, and yet ignorant of this very province—a self-concealing tower, whatever color.

If you believe in the universal life force enough, you will find it starting to believe in you too.

There is nothing more dangerous than a species obsessed with patterns. The antidote is an appreciation for asymmetry and spontaneity.

Bipolar writings; so on, and so off…

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notes 4 today: 2017-01-24 (Crossing The Sun; Life As A Struggle?; Vibrational Differences Between Whole Humans And Machine Parts; Esoteria, Stupidity, And Ignorance)

title: Crossing The Sun

There is a large minority of people (40% plus or minus) of the Earth’s 7 billion who have “turned their backs on the sun”, and now live in an area where the sun is always to their south (or north), without ever a crossing happening. They are outside the tropics and rarely venture in to the tropics long enough or deep enough to have a day go by where the sun’s zenith is to their south, and the next hour/day have the sun’s zenith to their north. This exclusion to sun crossing opportunities includes entirely the “continent” of Europe where a vast amount of the preventable deaths by war and civilized advances have taken place or were engineered from, along with japan, the united states, china, and some other nefarious characters. Perhaps a correlation, but nothing more than that.

While you chew on that, another thing I have been chewing on and am happy to allow you to masticate on as well, is that the Christian religion is symbolically based upon the son being on a cross, left to die. I am not well versed in Christian lore, but I do not think Jesus went in to the tropics during his life. Historically, crucifixion was leaving someone out in the elements, usually the hot sun to dehydrate and die over a few days. It is certainly a very unique time to become intimate with celestial bodies, most particuarly the power of the sun. Perhaps the role of the sun/sol is more central to this son/soul involved religious storyline. This is all very loose right now, it can be tied tighter for sure.

As for sun crossing, for a religious or for an energetic/physical purpose, my feeling is that it can be a “pilgrimage” that brings illumination and a re-balancing for those who focus on the wisdom that is the solar system as it is and gives the energy that allows life on our planet to flourish. This might be one of the medications we all need as we generally stay stuck inside, eyes exposed dominantly to artificial light instead of full spectrum sunlight.

title: Life As A Struggle?

The idea of all of life as a great struggle—a theme that crops up very often in western currently dominating discourse—is an extrapolation/projection by humans who had found (and now find) themselves in a particularly harsh non-tropical land where great struggle was needed for survival (think Europe, a theme with me!). In the “natural world” it’s true that many specimens die and one could say that’s proof of struggle, but their deaths are not struggles for very long—they die and are quickly materially/energetically reabsorbed. The successful specimens of a species are almost always adopted right in to an ecosystem and have a comfortable enough niche that has them act as where their propensities are naturally inclined towards anyways. There is no great struggle hour in, and hour out, day in and day out—this is not what life fundamentally is! Dying is filled with struggle, but not living, which is what life is more deeply and temporally aligned with. Proof of our disease as humans is that we have made our lives and much of the world’s ecosystems in to our own image; we’ve undercut ourselves and them through acting on misinformed (deformed) concepts, and we’ve made life a struggle.

title: Vibrational Differences Between Whole Humans And Machine Parts

This is one argument in an ongoing series that my brain ruminates on at times regarding the preposterous claims made by “Singularity” believers. 

Vibrations in humans (and other animals and living creatures) can change immediately, and are not bound within a particular finitude (we are not infinite but not bound by any specific finite state). Machines on the other hand have a specific internal finitude available to them: what we would say is the machine. However, as with computers and many other complicated devices we’ve fashioned, what we call a single entity is really several parts that work as a team; it is never a whole the way a human is a complete whole, specifically because the machine constituents are not vibrating at the same frequencies and work together through mediation—as with a basic set of gears interacting and turning because of the belt/chain (not a shared energy aspiration). We living things become a unique whole (not a series of parts) kept whole because the plurality of matter that makes us up all vibrates at the same frequency, and when there is non-synchronicity, the body can always resynchronize immediately without a central and mediating organizing force beyond the immediacy of vibrational syncing. Living bodies do get out of sync at times to be sure, and sometimes to a great degree, and this is what it is to be diseased. But they are self-corrective and are not dependent on some outside engineer to come set things aright again. Our healing by concerted effort that does not require an engineer is unique to life, and something that our machines will never have, because they are just a combination of parts.

Part of the reason machines do not have this is that they are chemically made out of elements that do not interact well with regards to what is needed to evolve a living consciousness; this might be metals, or even include wood and stones, which might be of organic materials but are not put in to organic frequency rich relationships (wood or sinews are dead and divorced particulates of something that was a whole that included but was not alive solely because of these parts). These mechanical systems cannot change themselves immediately—they are not subject to immediate evolution—they need mediated change (adaptions that are geared by someone else); they would need to dig in somehow to rework themselves if they are programmed to do this self-corrective work. They weren’t “produced” per se, they were just thrown together, and so they will never “reproduce” because that has always been absent from their trajectory. There is no momentum, and they only exist as whole entities because the human mind personifies them so. There is nothing intrinsically whole about my cell phone or my lap top. The whole is a projection that comes from we the people and is codified in our reifying language.

title: Esoteria, Stupidity, and Ignorance

The esoteric need not be a high level thing, it can be the esoteria of stupidity. That people come to be in their own little private enclaves is not necessarily an indication of sophistication. More and more it is likely that we will stumble in to esoteria due to our increasing stupidity as humans atrophy further. Our divorce from larger ecosystems is already itself proving to be a tragic mistake that makes us esoteric from the rest of nature and ultimately might extinct us. Academic disciplinary idiots spoil great energy reserves to develop alienating categories that make themselves esoteric, but in the vacuum of available energy that is coming for humans (as we regress through the mean from which we have strayed in opulence) will get us to the same unbalanced place, this time only reaching esoteria because of malnourishment that was the natural longterm outcome of a technologically rich environment in the first place.

Do not be ignorant of the ignorance of others. The perils of education allow provincial people to be viewed as less than. However, in very many ways having an ignorance that comes along with provincialism, is itself a balance of locality, a natural/sustainable state where knowledge of is balanced with power to. Knowing a great many things beyond one’s local influences is at a great cost to the whole. Ignorant of the cost of knowledge are the knowledgeable who decry the lack of education of others. [originally slated to be an MTI aphorism thrown hastily in to this note]

My Thoughts Inexactly: Y is for Youthanizing

Throw all of yourself at life, for life will then have no other option but to absorb you. Throw anything less, and you will be bounced back in to the abyss from whence you came.

Spiders are forever caught in their own webs. Leave them their to starve!

The death of death is sure to coincide and accelerate with—not prevent—the death of birth. Only a mind marred by western concepts could be blinded to this.

Fooled are those who conflate dying with aging.

If we pour everything in to a last gasp, we may discover it to be our first true breath. Don’t save yourself for the future, for then the future will be safe from you.

Giving your hope to the future is something that might be blown away with the winds of time, but giving your promise to the future is to be the winds of time.

What is life if not the creation of beauty despite the circumstance of limitations?

If the alcohol is to loosen you up for dancing, so be it. If the alcohol is to loosen the music up, you are better of dancing in the silence.

Speak love to power—give it a dose of that which it is least familiar with.

The more of an empath you are, the more times you die during a single life.

A lack of leaders has not produced a lack of followers.

You are going to die one day, why be miserable and sedentary and spread it across several days?

The land breathed us in to life; how long can we continue if we are suffocating the land?

Children are the only afterlife we should be thinking about, and that afterlife is in great doubt.

There is no space for a leader of the free world, there is only room there for leaders.

Keep showing up. There is no investment in the future that compares to your throwing yourself in to every new present.

May the remainder of your life be the rest of your time, not your rest time.

The young die, or the young live—the old are perpetually dying.

Believe in something that most people fail to do over the course of their lives—believe in yourself!

A culture that has devolved so low to produce individuals saying “what does it matter? I’ll be dead in a 100 years” does not have much farther to devolve. Though an individual speaks such an utterance, it is spoken for the total culture.

When it becomes an eat dog world, it’s not far from an eat human world.

“It is written” is cured by fire; we can burn by flame or forgetfulness.

Before we rise up we must wake up, for a revolution is in name only if is attended to by sleep walkers.

Flags are ever woven with the thread of war so long as they exist by the threat of war.

Extinction is a serious topic, precisely because there is no more kidding.

When the energy reveals itself to you, you will finally be revealed to you.

Water is the only blueprint I will follow.

Many that commit suicide don’t wish for its reversibility, but many who commit homicide do come to wish for this. Think before you arm yourself, and think even and most especially of what ideas others have armed you with.

Jesus was insane, so why shouldn’t he pop up at a mental hospital from time to time?

The healthiest water is always flowing, and so too is the healthiest love. Don’t keep it all to yourself—find love for another, and love will be finding you.

The stupidity of recent nostalgia is that those who see a return to previous times as an improvement fail to see that those very previous times will return them right back to our current struggles, with the problems only multiplied.

Don’t blame a fire for burning, blame that which is old and dried up.

Why do those who supposedly represent the people always dress in the fashion that they represent the government?

If you are not literate in love, fluency in all the world’s languages will not save you. They will be as impotent as the words in a book never opened.

Only evil can be spoiled by love.

The save-up-and-work-until-retirement-age model isnt going to work for the generation being born right now. they will all be retired without retirement. Due to in large part by the retiring without retirement of their recent ancestors.

Don’t ever lose the love—better to lose yourself.

Radical politics without permaculture is rootless; permaculture without radical politics will never flower.

Nature needs to be doing more of the work than we are, or we are doing something wrong. We are certainly doing something wrong to nature.

Feeling the heights of existence one will also feel the lack and the loss, for the dilated eye sees new highs and new lows.

Most humans don’t realize how much structures confine them, because structures confine them.

Environments that dissuade your attention and your intention, are not environments to reproduce—we certainly won’t be reproducing in them for much longer.

Love—because evolution is backwards without it.

Thank goodness we say things but do other.

Anger is love on the defensive, not hate on the offensive.

In folklore lies the most potent wisdom, layered over and diluted so that it might be more palatable to the gradually evolving mind. Taking folklore literally, as with religion, is to drink a laxative for want of nourishment.

When in doubt, get out.

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My Thoughts Inexactly (Primero)

My Thoughts Inexactly: Y is for Yearning

The ability to identify and critique a culture of fakery doesn’t free one from the injury of it.

Perhaps more dangerous than the casualties of war is the casualness with which war is embarked upon.

It’s all very existential… and if it isn’t, that’s very existential, too.

Acting is preparing for the future while keeping in the present; it is the art of not losing the present to pensivity.

Better to actively become nothing than to passively do nothing.

A revolution doesn’t need anyone—it needs everyone.

The utmost cowardice is putting the following generations’ lives on the line for fear of putting your own life there.

What we request of the government we don’t ask of ourselves—the government existing is our own fault, for our faults not being owned. If we stop faulting ourselves, we will stop defaulting to government!

In times of such violence, if you aren’t paranoid enough, you will be eaten by others; if you are too paranoid, you will be eaten by yourself.

Or die trying.

Those who think themselves the conquerors are the more conquered still.

An important difference between a revolutionary and a war criminal is that the revolutionary puts above all else the preservation of the revolution, whereas the war criminal puts their self.

One doesn’t meet with success when requesting of an enemy species for it to go extinct; one must alter the environment in which their enemy thrives.

Poetry is when a spirit deforms language in to something beautiful.

Prisons are as much about limiting the freedom of those outside their walls as they are about limiting the freedom of those inside their walls.

Even the elementary ethics inscribed in Hammurabi’s Code would say it is justice that if one’s land is being bombed, they have a right to come and live without restrains in the land of the bomber. Empires don’t speak justice, they speak bullets, for bullets are blindingly quick and quicker to blind than false words for the domesticated.

Anything that needs to be backed by force other than itself is intrinsically weak, and should be let go by life; laws are just such an example.

Anything more than love, is everything less than love.

The brain is the most fragile flesh to worship, and all the moreso if it is singled out for reverence.

Are we stuck in our heads despite the environment around us, or are we stuck in our heads because of the environment around us?

Wisdom is remembering to use your intelligence for creating in to reality a good world, rather than exposing the reality of the self-veiling bad world. I need to remember to be wiser.

Only the false bridges are burned when you cultivate the fire that is yourself. Be glad that they burn away, for you will not now cross in to enemy territory unawares.

Infinity is not a fixed destiny, but it can be a broken destination.

Forms are self-limiting, that’s what makes them forms; energy is form-breaking, that’s how it makes itself unlimited. Energy choose to be free, or it chooses to be in-formation; it is the force that is never forced.

Remixes are a macroscopic way karma expresses itself in music.

In these peculiar dying times of our era, comfort is the most dangerous killer. Only in indifferent relaxation and sedation could the most impermissible atrocities go permitted.

The thoughts you think are much more a reflection of the time you are in than of who you are. If you don’t want the thoughts thinking you, don’t be the passive reflection, be the active inflection.

In a world where the domination is actively overseen with propaganda far more than guns, the power of symbols cannot be overstated, though it be overrated.

If you shiver when beauty touches you, know that you are the one doing the touching.

We want revolution, not because we want violence, but because we want an end to violence. May the violence be theirs in failing, not ours in succeeding.

To never let go your dice is to role yourself countless along with the faceless.

A revolution that isn’t creative isn’t revolutionary.

To take the lesser of a great evil as as good as being your own enemy. To take the great evil as your friend is to be the enemy of all good.

Too many confuse opening a book with opening their mind. Books narrow focus to draw on a prefiguration.

The world changes with the blink of an eye, but if eyes don’t blink…

The created future will always be more amicable than the predicted future.

So on, and so forth!

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