The Promise of a Dictator

The chief adviser asks his friend, the dictator, when he plans on giving power to the people who all fought to help him take over their country.

I will soon, they’re not quite ready yet,” the dictator responds.

Three years later, following some harsh protests of the people, the same adviser asks his friend, the dictator, the same question: “Your people are getting impatient, and want to know when you will relinquish power as you had promised.”

I will”, the dictator responds, “they’re not ready, still.”

Many years go by, and the next time the adviser asks his question, the dictator is old and gray. “My friend, ruling has aged you, and you can now give the power to the people and be free of so many of your troubles.”

They will have power, just not yetthey are not ready”, responds the dictator in a shaky voice.

The next year, the dictator dies, and during his funeral procession a few prominent members of the people’s brigade, aged and gray themselves, and with tears in their eyes, can be heard pleading with the dictator’s dead body:

You cannot leave… we are not ready!”


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a-sign meaning…

Depending on the idiosyncrasies of your municipality, it may or may not be your unlucky time to witness a barrage of local school board, town council, and mayoral advertisements (my town is non-partisan). Anyhow, after many drive-bys of a particular sign, I had the pleasure? to walk my dog by one sign—pictured below—and had some thoughts on the possible psyche of the marketing tactics.


– His name is Rich Williamson, but I think by his choice of placement for his first name in the upper left—making your eyes read the sign as “Rich Elect Williamson”—he is trying to use his name to target people who think of themselves as “rich” by saying “it’s in the interests of rich people to elect me”. Being rich could be falling within objective parameters to discern a narrow group of people, but when you include the much larger group of people who falsely think of themselves as monetarily wealthy (or American dreaming they soon will be), or just want to identify with that social group, the number balloons. But in the interest of including the greatest number of people and to not alienate anyone, the cunning Williamson and team can deny any intention of trying to identify as the rich man’s choice by saying the arrangement of words was a funny coincidence. Some insider knowledge I should share too, to accompany this point, is that Williamson has been around the town’s politics for the last few years and is in the conservative, status-quo, power-circuit circles.

– The color green is a curious choice, as it is the only “non-patriotic” color chosen, as two of the other candidates chose blue, white & red, and a third chose the town color of maroon. As a non-partisan town, he could be trying to hoodwink on the unconscious level the progressive, green party believers that he would be their choice; he could also be trying to affirm the association with money and wealth.


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Stressed Out? It’s Because You Have Too Much Shit On Your Plate

If you live in the United States where the topsoil is quickly eroding and the topsoil that does remain is severely mineral depleted—low zinc and magnesium, to mention two of the most important—you are more susceptible to the negative effects of stress. This current phase of civilization we are suffering through is also particularly stressful, I’d argue, as we all have to endure the certain sense that comes with this slow wither; it’s pulling us all down, even if we aren’t fully sure why or from where it’s coming.

The societal decadence is realized in humans most directly by a function of our awful (SAD) diets. The food that you are (not) eating has a very big impact on your body. Take a lesson from animals, and think about any animal besides humans and how getting food is what their lives revolve around, and how they will drop everything for a chance at food. We are not prioritizing food enough—especially quality food—and we need to each change when we are healthy enough that a few years of proper eating can heal us without the need for debilitating western medical interventions. As for our relation to animals, we need training from them because the domestication of humans has pulled us so far from our olde animalistic patterns.

Instead of me regurgitating more cud for you to chew on, it’s better you go to the greener pastures to read what you have been missing:

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The Lost Decades

I can’t say I exactly like the decade thinking, for analytic reasons—such as “why can’t 1987-1997 be its own decade just because of counting arbitrarities?”—and also for all the people who don’t want to identify or be identified by a decade in which they “came of age”, as if it is incumbent upon them to defend the decade they were unfreely thrown into.

However, my main point in bringing up decades is not to attack or defend them, but as their current status has jeopardized “decade-thinking” to becoming extinct. The 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s all have adjectives that can be attached to them, and people are ready and willing to attach those adjectives and reminisce and possibly even be nostalgic. The “00s” or 2000s—whatever people are calling (or not calling) them—are the years in which new bottoms are being reached in terms of culture.

There is something so void, so empty, about these series of years, that nobody—even among the youth who should have had feelings towards these years—is able to meaningfully speak of these years and lift the fog. To me, what is most blaring about the “00s” is the rising numbers of unhealthy youth, including both psychologically and physiologically, if the two should even be acknowledged as separate. And I think it would be completely wrong to attribute any blame to those youngsters who are now suffering with these ailments, because of previous poor choices—on both a cultural and personal wide scale. There is something that those lost in the previous decades have failed to pay forward, and these lost years are the result. Since it was not paid forward—the self-absorbed baby boomer generation are gluttonously feasting upon whatever resources come their way, dare anyone thoughtfully save them for the future—it is up to the youth to take back. They have the moral high ground, for the earth is their home for the longest, and they should not look up to their elders for wisdom, but look down upon them as fallen usurpers who need to be managed for damage control purposes.

(for example, every day that the bridges and tunnels into New York could be blockaded, or the electricity cut to this city and other imperial headquarters like it, is a day in the right direction and a day that healing can occur… we have to stop thinking of these as places of productivity and realize that they are one major link in a process of global destruction and decay)

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The More Control Humans Gain Over The World, The Less Gain We Are Deriving From The World

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That the world’s problems can be solved in your mind is the chief problem

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the more counterposed ORs your boat accumulates, the less forcefully it can sail in any one direction

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