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tunnel vision is available to look through, but it doesn’t negate the reality being drilled through from cracking and falling inward

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Vision Tunneling: Dimensional Blindness and Other Human Deficiencies Created by Modernity’s Lack of Depth

Let’s See…

This is a writing in which I wanted to investigate the possible misusing of our human visual capabilities as they would have been evolutionarily intended. A parallel critique of human misusing of memory in the modern age was published previously and fits as a nice counterpart to this piece (as does the “neolithic injuries” writing).

Consider three things, the two pictures below, and, thirdly, your active gazing at these two pictures:

drivingtunnel vision

Our two eyes, separated on our heads enough to give us subtlety different viewing angles of perception, allow a sense of three dimensional depth where both eye focuses overlap, which is typically right in front of our faces. Having this depth perception is certainly useful, and in the context of our mammalian origins is a gain that is paid for in sacrifice of a wider panoramic view that would be afforded dogs and other animals that have their eyes turned laterally outward much more.

We aren’t making use of this valuable depth perception when we are focusing our vision on framed two dimensionalized planes that we’ve been normalized to—a computer screen or a flat boring road outlined by a car windshield are just such examples. These two separate phenomena oddly share in common a great deal of black background and then depend on a great deal of light (often artificial) to illuminate; both are also oddly related to transportation, as screens transport images that aren’t otherwise readily available, and cars transport human cargo. We are under using (and misusing) our eyes and may be losing visual functionality (through eye and/or brain atrophy) if they aren’t getting enough proper three dimensional exposure.

The modern world has two dimensionalized so many of the visual encounters we habitually have, and that might be having profound effects on our eyes, but also on our larger interactions with the world. We may be unthoughtfully seeking to make more of the physical world fit in with this simplified relation to visual space, because we would literally have headaches or other discomforts were we to accept and cultivate more dynamic three dimensionalized space. Perhaps we are even becoming three dimensionally blind? This two dimensionality may “stimulate sleepiness” (an oxymoron?), as a two dimensionality is encountered naturally during sleep when our eyes are resting to a darkened eyelid. Or one of the many inversions of this could be true: this could be a contributing factor to widespread insomnia epidemics due to not having gotten enough three dimensional visual exposure during our waking hours, and our brains aren’t ready to shut off when they need to.

Maybe the drawing of humans evolving more kyphotic (hunch backing) needs to include a single cyclops eye… Homer was prophetic!


*I was going to entitle this “The Planed Middle And The Voluminous Borders” as a way of describing the framed picturesque view of the world many of us might be artificially accustomed to, but I thought that might hint (and confound) towards a metaphorical exposé about how marginalized radicals at the margins of society are actually more dynamic and more alive. I welcome you to take your mind there and use this as a leaping off point, for that is an exciting use of thought to tackle the new levels of mediocrity that make our world less livable, literally in every sense.

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the future is bright, but only if we carry the torch of humanity there!


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His and Her Paleo Water (Sole)

                   HIS                       &                 HERS His and Her Sole Water

Sole water—which I am rebranding here as paleo water—is purported to have wide ranging health benefits. This is due to its balanced offering of all (or most) of the natural minerals that historically would accompany basic sodium chloride (table salt), and be balanced in all animals (including humans) eating a proper pre-agricultural diet. There is a recipe for making sole in the link above and many similar methods can be found on the web and youtube.

The purpose of this post is to point to two of the most popular types of sea salt used to constitute the sole water: Celtic and Himalayan. The most noticeable difference between the two being the color difference between the Celtic (grey) and Himalayan (pink). The reason is that the Himalayan salt is much higher in iron content, which would make it much more appealing to those who are lower or deficient in iron (generally menstruating women) than those who might have adequate or even too much iron (men).

I could add a larger theory of cultural whereby cultural norms like women wearing pink is a function of natural necessity, and the reason that pink is feminine is because of their need for naturally occurring pinkness (namely iron constituency) because of a particular mineralogical need, but I don’t want to flesh that tangent out any farther here.

For those of you interested in cleanses and the flushing phase of a detox, you can drink a higher dose of sole to naturally flush your system and restore some balance.

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a dominant culture sacrifices culture for dominance

Case in point (at least with her old turn-of-the-millennium stuff you could bear listening to it)


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the dissonance bravely spoken from one’s mouth today oft finds resonance in the thoughts of another’s brain tomorrow

– words you utter today will milk the thoughts of tomorrow

And some of the many alternatives,

– Dissonance bravely spoken from one’s mouth today oft is thought in resonance in the brains of others tomorrow


– What you bravely speak in dissonance to another today

may very well be thought in resonance tomorrow


– bravely spoken dissonant words of today

can grow congruent in the thoughts of others tomorrow


– the dissonance bravely spoken from one’s mouth today oft finds resonance in thoughts of another’s brain tomorrow


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